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Markku 13.12.2012Enthusiastic Finnish Entrepreneur, Author

Markku Tauriainen, 50+ year old Enthusiastic Finnish Author Entrepreneur, who is planning new era holiday resort Taurisol S.L. to Mijas, Spain.

Running half and full marathons to keep mind sharp. Helping people in sales world wide. Trying to remain humble and to grow to the full potential as a human bean. Living the fullest.

Markku´s words of wisdom: “The speaking and writing is the continue from the brain. Best thoughts live in the hearth, which is sitting on soul. Not evian the body is not, but the house of temple for the life, which so unique journey is! To rise above the pack we need to have a challenge – beyond dreams!”

Markku Tauriainen was born in Finland, and has become one of the first Self-Made Publishing Author Entrepreneurs to conquer the world´s thoughts. He writes with fresh, easily comprehensible manner, about the doctrines of selling and of life, based on his personal experiences over 30 years. Markku is running ½ marathons for a reason ― to keep his writing full of enthusiasm and professionalism. He has traveled to 41 countries, demonstrating his successful sales skills, which are still his greatest passion. Excelsior!

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Quote: Being a runner means you are now ‘free’ to win and lose and live life to its fullest ~Bill Rodgers


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