Learn Life, Read Books

Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenNext I tell you about a source from which over 15 million people (sellers) have drawn doctrines and secrets of genuine customer interest. You find advice which is worth gold from a book called How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

I would like to encourage you very much to buy and read this book of Dale Carnegie ― it is my humble recommendation. Invest in knowledge and buy this classic book. A used paperback can be purchased at low cost at Amazon internet book store.

MORE KNOW-HOW can be found from the book of Augustine ”Og” Mandino. He was an American author (1923 – 1996), who wrote the bestselling book ”The Greatest Salesman in the World”. His favourite thoughts are: “I´m not a sheep, who waits for answers from above. I am a lion. I refuse to talk, to walk and to sleep with sheep… as long as I live.”

Og Mandino is the master of trainers, who values the development of a human as a whole with his own thoughts.

A human has to realise his defects and look for a solution to heal. Writing of books and reading is a way of trying.

Think about sports. To be able to learn to hit a golf ball you have to train. You need hundreds of successful hits, which register to your brain and to your muscle memory. From memory the movement can be repeated successfully in three-dimentional space. If you don´t have enough successful performances, you miss-hit. The same applies also in selling. You need to practice selling to be able to keep the control yourself. Control can be kept or taken over easily with the help of PACT. I will tell you about this extremely efficient selling tool next.

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