INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1Every human wants to seek for the truth in their lives ― to promote the emergence of good things. Thoughts grow deep inside. But where does that real war winning spirit grow from, which prevents our mind from giving up? A kind of attitude, like the one which keeps us going in sport while the others suffer lactic acid in their legs and unconsciousness come close.

  Where is that attitude, will and knowledge created, which makes us bring home the victory, especially when no one else believes in it anymore? To be able to reach the perfect concentration and will state, you must first profoundly think about your body and mind. To answer to Yourself…


–What do I really want to achieve during my life?

–Who do I want to be in the long term?

–And what about short term, near future?

–Am I telling the truth as a seller?

–Do I connect with, and respect the customer at all levels?

–What can I do to make a real difference to my customer, community, and to mankind in general?

–Will I be productive?

–Will I reach my potential as a human?

  Perseverance grows and wells up from deep inside, as I stated at the first two parts of my book. Also the environment affects what you already know if you have read attentively. We also build thoughts in our subconsciousness, for example during the night when we are sleeping. How do we grow as seller and as human? It is significant. No one can lose weight or eat for another, things have to be started on our own, with a hard, final attitude.