Hide Your Feelings, Enjoy The Rise!

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself logoAs a seller you can learn things, but the biggest secret is to learn to know yourself, to search for and to find your own limits ― to learn to know your inner centre. Once you have done it, the sky is the limit.

When you find your inner resource, the hairs on your body can rise just by thought and you are able to get excited by every product: To rise to hype with the help of suggestion ― to the level no others have even been to. You are able to train yourself as a seller. You rise to the level where selling becomes art. It is the diamond level.

Success in selling brings good feelings to the seller ― smiles, joy and winning spirit.
Yes,Yes ,Yes… I did it again!

What is this caused by? The answer is easy: by hormones and by hormonal action.
The amount of adrenaline begins to increase in your body, when you get ready for selling. When you make a deal, the feeling of success will fire the endorphin injection to your veins.

Endorphin is the humans own good feeling drug, which releases adrenaline from your body.

You live your deals and performances also when you are sleeping. Testosterone or estrogen hums strongly in your veins. You prepare yourself for new hormone downloads. Your stomach informs with the help of leptin, that you need carbohydrates with which your brain works up to the hype. Your body begins to hum.

When you get hyped up and continue at this level your body produces hormones in appropriate proportions. You experience a series of sensations, which are real. They feed your activity and you succeed one time after another.

Getting to this stage of hype requires more than just good luck and few big deals: You have to realise things. And once you are able to realise them, you can utilise your internal resources optimally and you learn to suggest yourself to the will state of winning. You charge the cannon of your mind with which you explode the business.

  Once you reach the hype I described above, keep your information and your doctrines to yourself. Sharing them and communicating with sales colleagues is an extremely big risk. Your energy flows discharge and you lose that slight advantage which lifts you above the other sellers. To quote Eino Leino, Finnish poet, bohemian and journalist:

”Who has the success, happiness …should keep it as a secret”

Original Eino Leino Finnish text: ”Kell´ onni on, se onnen kätkeköön”

Enjoy your rise. Keep the things to yourself. Be ready to help the others when a genuine opportunity occurs. You surely identify those who are your soul mates. Good people send energy flows, which only contribute to your success.

DNA Sales Memories 2009
Foto: Linda, Markku and Eero DNA call center 2009

DOCTRINE The sending of the energy messages and energy flows at the individual level is known as “the law of attraction” –doctrine: thoughts influence change. Also a film called The Secret has been made about the subject. Internet: http://www.thesecret.tv