Your Clean, External Essence

Inspire Me MTThe cleanliness is important to the seller. The cleanliness is half of the food, as it is said. You have to get ready for each day by taking a long shower as if at a holiday resort located on the shore of the Caribbean sea. The use of cosmetics on skin is not bull. Refresh the skin with moisturising or anti-ageing cream to bring pleasure which is significant.

I try to tell you about the importance of the cleanliness to the seller. The blue moment experienced in the morning in the shower is transferred to the customer as a smile and as an expression of a good feeling. The cleanliness is a property, which calms your mind and your soul.

Our speech forms only 10–30 percent of the communication used by us. Another external essence covers the rest. The magic begins a state of mind, especially for your mind and thoughts!

Helena wifeWhen your skin, your nails and your hair are neat, your self–esteem rises and you experience pleasure. You transmit this as a shine to your customer. Beautician Helena (my wife) is shining daily to her customers.

When you choose tidy and clean clothes, you complete your essence. You accept yourself as an actor and as a human. When you look in the mirror, you know that you are ready and can love yourself such as you are. It is easy to smile when you are clean.

Going to the sauna is also worth doing!

That you will learn in the next chapter of INSPIRE ME – Inspire Yourself & Bank The results!


Goals Change Your Life

ceo-markku-tauriainen-uudempi-15-levec3a4.jpgBegin your battle immediately ― today! Change the world around you. Start to fight for good things and for your dreams, daily. You build the goals, as big as your life, on your own. They well up from you. The night cannot be changed into day immediately, but the perseverance is profoundly important. Be purposeful. Make plans, follow them and make them come true.

  Say everyday to yourself that I CAN. Nail that dream to your mirror, fridge and bedroom wall. Say, I can grow and expand my own perseverance, my will state and my attitude ― Goals bigger than life.

  I reach, build and keep only good things in my mind. I repeat, focus and think. I meditate daily to make my mind clear. My goals and challenges will become true every single day I live.

  Begin by writing all your goals, objectives and dreams on paper. Write in brief lines ― It is a quick and easy way to act. When you learn to make quick notes, thoughts start to flood to your mind, more and more everyday. Your subconscious agrees with your thoughts and you will become a productive source. Immediately you will become a gushing source which keeps gushing more and more good and bold ideas, which you can exploit daily. Problems no longer exist in your life. Problems will become tasks or nuts, which you open one at a time. Remember, everyone knows how good nuts taste like, one at a time. Deep down you will lust after them with a passion, a passionate desire to open a nut at a time and to eat them all.

  Pekka Himanen, professor of University of Helsinki and Visiting Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University 2005 – 2006, stated in the Dignity-Statement, which he gave to City-magazine: ”The Cosmos sends uninspiring and discouraging people over whenever we are excited and inspired about something.”

  Finnish Doctor Langinvainio states: “The Only method to escape from the backlashes during the change of a lifestyle-process is to realise and to anticipate those situations, which lead to going to seed, in other words to step backwards.”

  All the discouraging people including yourself can be anticipated. Also things. So start using the following mantra and you will become a winner:

MANTRA ”I will never give in. I will not let the outsiders prevent me from developing as an achiever, winner and as a finder of truth. I am strong, I command my mind, my goals and my dreams. I am on the path, which takes me strongly forward as an expert. My thoughts will remain focused. They will crystallize from now on, day by day. And at the end, I have conquer all my challenges – believe in yourself ´in hoc signo vinces´- in this sign you will conquer!”


Write them on paper…

END OF PART ONE – NOW THE FOUNDATIONS ARE IN PLACE, in your soul and in your mind and cells – new start for a sales career (everyone need sales skills).