Stop Giving Up

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1We humans, we all are more or less soft, self–indulgent and prone to laziness. You have to admit this fact. But don´t You never accept it, not even with a shade of humour ― NEVER!

  When we are unconscious as to what we eat and drink, we are self–indulgent to please the brain, then the mind and body drifts away from any performance. It is the junk food and junk drink culture which is a trap and an addiction. Fat, salt, sugar and alcohol stuffed in your mouth are not good, healthy nutrition for your body nor for your mind.

  Remember that the path of reasonableness and decent nutrition is the beginning for everything good. When you command your mind and your five hormones, you are able to experience unique pleasure for example from yogurt, berries, salad, even from water.

  Humans have a brain also in the stomach because of hormones and bacteria in the intestines. The intestines and stomach are a small part of the unique wholeness of the human being. There live about 250 bacteria in our intestines of which about half are good and half are bad. When you eat pizza, hamburgers, breads and baguettes and pour beer into you throat, you encourage bad bacteria to grow, as it needs reinforcements to deal with the excesses of white sugars and carbohydrates contained in the junk foods. If you do not command your stomach, you cannot command your mind and vice versa. These excesses prevent the foundation stones of a healthy life, the optimum balance of good bacteria to break down the food.

  Command your mind and eat healthily. If there is no other way to control your life, start writing a diary about every single thing you put into your mouth. When you write down everything you eat and drink, you are able to start analyzing your situation.

  You change your mind and your life by changing your diet. And once you command your mind, you may start building up a new beginning, your new future. All things are connected with willpower, which wells up from within yourself. Your mind and your thoughts, everything you do and breathe ― is part of you and of your will, including your cells.

  When you take charge of the situation, a change starts to happen in few weeks, in eight weeks for sure. Acting like this leads you to a new crossroads in your life path, where the signpost says with big letters:


CHOOSE the right path and start your journey!