Win The Argument And You´ll Lose The Deal

Inspire Men Logo SmallSelling is not an auction, nor is it yelling at the customer. A skilled seller never begins to argue with a customer about any matter. Why? Making of deals is not persuading the customer or winning an argument about some thing gone through with your customer. Old phrase, if you win the argument, you lose a deal is true. In principle, a customer feeds his thoughts to a seller. He tries to sell his own thoughts to you. He believes, what he says. A customer always doubts what you are saying, because those are not his thoughts ― Yet.

The customer´s own reality, information level and buying desire are based on his own experiences of the products and services familiar to him. A good, skilled seller never starts to argue with the customer nor guide him at any level. It must always be acted this way, or what?




Gold Coin Nero RomeIf you cannot win a battle, you however want to fall with boots on. When you rise up, you can continue the journey from where you fell. At this stage it is good to repeat the section of the difference between sympathy and empathy, which you read earlier from page 89. Dirty trousers are best washed before you put them on, or what?

CUSTOMERis the base of business. Make sure that you really understand your customer ― needs and buying behaviors. You also want to know the change in behavior when it happens, in advance!


Be A Successful Seller

ceo-markku-tauriainen-uudempi-pienempi.jpgTo succeed and to develop as a seller, notes must be kept. The significant notes for the seller are, for example:
1. Observations about the customers and meetings
2. Own feelings about previous dealings
3. The number of contacts and meetings
4. The length of the sales pitch
5. The amount and value of past deals

I request and encourage you to use this book for making notes about your sales career. Do it!

A TIP – Always put a into your 10 years calendar (see page 273) around the date when you have made a deal. Also write down the values of the deals into your INSPIRE ME –book. Summarize your deals into weeks, months and years. I swear that you will experience great pleasure, when you browse your achievements from this book any times in the future:
1. You see all the fruits of your work at glance
2. Your self-esteem rises, you experience pleasure and you can challange yourself to make more deals!
3.You can develop as a sales person

There are many years on your calender. You have plenty of time to sell and, to become tired several times, but you will try again. Fortunately days and years are different, just like people.

It is extremely important to understand, that the results made by you, are your know–how property. With your notes you encourage and evaluate yourself ― They are your treasure chest, which no one can take away from you. Your very own!