Golden Idea Generated Golden +500.000 Result

I try to keep positive thoughts in my mind all the time. Never stop learning, keep your inspiration up – that is my daily mantra. And guess what happened? A while ago I got a great new idea to use my profile in a new creative way… +518,476 visitors!
Markku´s Statistics 21.03.2014Golden Idea Generated Golden Result

As a sales professional I´ve been obligated to watch the social media platforms, the ecosystem generally. Is there an opportunity for me as a frontier? Is there something the others don´t see?

The RockMelt, before Yahoo bought it, was something I could not just pass by. The platform engaged me in a deep way. When Yahoo put the lights out and stopped RockMelt, it did not stop my social media love for it. Simplified – I could not forget it.

On that time I had an idea. Why don´t I try my own behavior on an other platform? Why not! I started to do same things on profile than I did on RockMelt. All this in middle of the October 2013. And ques what, things started to rock ´n´ roll for me. The stats started to rise like a rocket and that was petrol to my enthusiastic engine, oh yeah – I was surfing on the wave!

AboutMe profile have harvest +518,476 visitors in 2014, now  about 59.000/month

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????See the happy social media enthusiast =) my creative idea have generated 100.223 visitors to my profile just in 5 months. That was amazing, but not all. In June 2014 visitors have risen up to +80.000 per month generating total +518,476 at this year alone!

My advise to you – try to keep positive thoughts in your mind all the time. Never stop learning, keep your inspiration up – that should be your daily mantra!

Best Regards,

Markku Tauriainen

PS. I haven´t decided yet – will I start to use payed version of the So far so good =) Question: Where is the first platform, which can give one million followers to me, in no time? is leading. It has produced me awesome +518,476 visitors in 10 months.



At this very moment, the brave minds talk about innovations. Eleanor Roosevelt stated at her time. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

CaddieOn Tuomo Lalli Telling The Hot Tip

My entrepreneur friend Tuomo Lalli, CEO Founder of CaddieOn has taken this matter literally. With his team (ex. Nokia engineers) they have innovated a revolutional automated golf data collection system for golfers, in time nobody-expected-it-to-happen!only one button @caddieon

Support CADDIEON | #indiegogo mission 2014

Now is time to put action behind the words and visit #indiegogo page at

This CaddieOn #indiegogo mission is Tuomo´s 2nd crowdfunding mission. The 1st one went very well. CaddieOn got some 40.000€ support on the first round 6 moths ago and more important, lot of backers & golfers from Finland to make this great innovation journey to happen. I think that we like to support CaddieOn for wider reach, to the international waters! The train is on the move, Spanish golf courses have taken CaddieOn app very positively =) please note! it is possible to map your favorite golf course to the CaddieOn system and have publisity for it before end customers find it.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????GREAT INNOVATIONS CHANGE THE WORLD

Let´s share, support and make more social media buzz for Revolutional Automated Golf Data Collection | CaddieOn

Best Regards,

Markku Tauriainen



Bruce LeeRight now, as I am writing this book, I feel most alive. All the matters seem significant and strong. First book is like a firstborn child: It had been expected to come and the feeling is splendid, when it is now created. Achievements raise my mind ― always.

I have nailed part of my feelings and soul to this book, which I have cleared with hard work and struggle. I believe in reincarnation, that clear and pure soul is eternal and able to return on earth to help you ― to fight with you in life and in sales. Also you can be a soul, which gets to be the seller´s diamond, samurai-fighter like Miyamoto Musashi was in his times. A diamond, which shines clear in the sky and will reincarnate again and again.

Inevitably someday that moment will dawn, when my body collapses and will switch from time to eternity. My body and my mind will run out, but my will never will. It lives forever. This way I have decided.

Don´t you neither give in ― never! When your heart burns with real flame, it carries from here to eternity, to the sellers heaven. Remember that in incarnation the soul always returns to help that seller, who raises his sword, receives the challenge and starts to grind his own diamond. Hard work brings results ― you get nothing for free. Prove that you are one of the best. Light up to be a diamond in sellers sky. I will go in front and fight on your behalf up till the end. You can trust on that.

Inspire Me Markku TauriainenAs I was writing this book I worked as an ordinary telemarketer in the front line of Call Center and I received customer´s explanations and objections for three months. I lived, fought and won. How did I succeed in demanding ´cold call´ telemarketing? I became ― number 1 ― Finland´s best telemarketer of Nokia mobilephones in 2009.

I won the Nokia competition, which lasted for two months. Hundreds of colleagues was left behind. In the age of 48.

Once again I won myself by receiving the challenge. I made the sales history and broke my own records and records made. I do not remember anymore how often I have done that during my life, but reaching goals has always been rewarding. Also you should get inspired by sales and making of sales. Be good, and it is possible to become better.

CALL ME – the next book – I write all of the best and juiciest explanations, complaints and objections I have heard from customers, so that we can identify with all of those. Why? Therefore that we could walk over them and still develop as a seller. I write the instructions for suppressing the most general objections with good 2000´s examples. Step in to the next level and learn how to decide, to close deals. Closing is everything – art of selling!

ChagallThe life is a short period of time, certainly under one hundred years – the soul, your inspiri is evian – lux aeterna – and your honour, perennnial it is.

If there is a will, there is a way.

So – Rise The Knight – once again. Find your purpose and mission. Awhile you are here, listen your inner voice. Find it.

Wishing you Happy Halloween!

All the best, -MT =)

75 Year Anniversary Gala, Association of Finnish Beauty Therapists (SKY)

SKY – Association of Finnish Beauty Therapistscelebrated its 75th anniversary on Saturday, 5th of October, 2013.

I had the honor to be present with my beautician wife Helena Tauriainen. The Gala started with drinks and speeches, then continued with the mind lifting performance by the famous opera singer Johanna Rusanen. After president of the SKY, Mrs. Arja Korkala´s speech – The Finnish Parliament were represented by congressman Kimmo Sasi. The awesome event were hosted by Jani Toivola in the most beautiful atmosphere, the restaurant Onion´s winter garden in Helsinki, Finland.

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INSPIRE ME Readers From 105 Countries – Awesome!

INSPIRE ME readers from 105 countries for Markku TauriainenINSPIRE ME -book readers are now from 105 countries!

The world´s best speaker still is, early Roman times layer Markus Tullius Cicero who´s golden words are:

“The people love the speaker, whose words and thoughts can be considered as own words – but they hate the obvious, selfstanding narrators.”

I started to share INSPIRE ME -book ´One Chapter At The Time´ at the Christmas of 2012. Since that, every little chapter have conquer more readers round the world – in fact the 100 milestone have broken already – we are reading inspiring thoughts in 105 countries, which is absolutely awesome!

Please, share more – every country is a new possibility to gain more good thoughts for your friends and people who like to challenge themself. All this have inspired me to rise more – I have started to plan to open yearly Tauri Challenge Run -event in Mijas, Spain where people can run under 1 hour uphill run and challenge themselves greatly – rise above normal, rice above the packet. Stay tuned, there is more to come. Olympic runner Lasse Virén used to train on these same hills, which we have conquer allready several times (last time 07yh of September 2013, during Feria Mijas).


Markku Tauriainen

Author, Entrepreneur

Special thanks to readers from these countries

Finland, Taiwan, United China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russian, Turkey, Indonesia, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Uruguay, Ecuador, United , Arab Emirates, Austria, Sweden, Colombia, Philippines, Chile, Viet Nam, Romania, Venezuela, Switzerland, Denmark, Zambia, Poland, Hungary, Macao, Israel, Croatia, Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iceland, Peru, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Algeria, Moldova, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Dominican, Panama, Cyprus, Costa, South, Estonia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ireland, Ukraine, Malta, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Guatemala, French Guiana, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bahrain, Armenia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Latvia, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda, Monaco, Belarus, Slovakia, Albania, Maldives, Åland Islands, Jersey, Benin, Saint, Luxembourg, Namibia, Lebanon

Music Raises Your Mind ― Your Soul

Music MarkkuThe engine rumbles running. Adrenaline flows to your veins, when you put on music you like. Take the moment and start to use music lists, which really turn you on. And also listen to lyrics. You discuss with your mind.

Hit songs have clear, simple and mind raising words and tempo. Music flows to your consciousness and you get in good mood. As I was writing this book, I began every day of mine by listening to INSPIRE ME –music list. I repeated the same music, because it inspires and gets me in good mood ― to a level, where I get more out of myself.


1. Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
2. Survivor – High On You
3. Journey ― Don´t Stop Believin´ (Arnel Pineda)
4. Survivor – Burning Heart
5. Van Halen – Jump
6. Rainbow ― I Surrender
7. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
8. Bon Jovi – Runaway
9. Phil Collins – Something Happened On The Way To
10. Whitney Houston – Step by Step
11. The Pointer Sisters – I´m so Excited
12. Sunset Strippers – Falling Stars
13. Robert Tapper – No Easy Way Out
14. Paul Engemann― Push It To The Limit
15. Cher – You Haven´t Seen The Last Of Me
16. Tina Turner – The Best
17. Jimmy Page – Stairway to Heaven
18. Cheap Trick – The Flame
19. Queen – We Are The Champions
20. Huey Lewis – Stuck On You
21. Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand
22. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way
23. Heart – Never
24. Beckah Sae – Faight, Hope & Love
25. Survivor – I Can´t Hold Back


It is important in the listening of encouraging music to repeat the familiar, pleasing songs to get the mental flow of a good feeling  running with the help of music. This way you can experience something, which really gets you going.

The lyrics of the songs speak to me, they have become important to me.

“Step by step, day by day, brick by brick…” 

Holy Grail of SalesThis special Whitney Houston´s song I played in the morning meeting for new sellers, as I was working as a sales manager in sandbanks. Day always started with in the right groove, and the holy grail was found every day. One good program, for playing music lists and making music is from our neighboring country, Sweden. 

The Sales Manager Is Also Responsible For Others

Gold Coin Nero RomeSelling is taking responsibility ― first from your own doing, after this more widely. When you make deals, solve matters, build sales and are creative, you will be noticed. Your thoughts and views will be heard in your organisation and You probably get more responsibility.

In that case remember to be exemplary in every way and go into responsibility given. It has been given to you also as a possibility: You develop as a human and as a seller. In my opinion, you have earned the sales manager´s place, if you fill at least these five qualities:

1) You are able to motivate your sellers daily

2) You reward, encourage, tirelessly daily

3) You help them to sell, to build up sales

4) You plough the track, you sell most every day

5) You are the “star”, example with words and acts

When you step on the stage with your bigger sword and with your responsibility, more from you is expected. Your sword has to whistle and your voice has to be heard. You have to encourage your subordinates with your example

Markku Tauriainen SmilingINSPIRE others to make deals and inspire them to get excited about themselves. If you lead, lead your groups from the front. That is the only right way. As a chief of sales the operation