Finnish Record Still Valid

Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenThe closing record of consecutive deals I have reached in Finland is from 1989, and it might still be valid. I closed deals as a holiday–share–seller in Katinkulta 13 days in a row. I still hope to break this record of mine in the 2000´s.

The general rule in the field is that even a monkey can lead a customer, in other words with uhu–uhu–style ― so called monkey style, in which a monkey leads a customer ends up into a deal approximately in 10 percent of presentations.

If your skills are in the range of 10 percent, you are yet not a closer among the best. But if you want you can always tell about your results and problems in sales to my address – the door is always open! Write an e-mail to me

Closing–percent five (5) is kept as the death valley of sellers. If your level is somewhere around there, you are in trouble.

With the five percent closing, there ripens so little fruit in your work, that your subconscious begins to question things. You perhaps console yourself with the fact that there come moments in a seller´s life, when everything goes wrong and nothing succeeds. You also make believe that all the sellers experience moments when a customer leads him like a ram on a leadrope.

What is it about? Is so called law of Murphy on the loose, when all your customers cancel deals at the same time etc.? If you try to sign the law of Murphy, you only search for sympathy and for a permission to be a failure. Do not believe in these mumbles. If deals are not created, it is a question about you ― ALWAYS! This has to be realised also, and especially then, when an art is made from selling, because a professional follows his progress. Believe it or not, but based on my experience all the failures are caused by small or big mistakes done during selling.

When control slips to a listener, it is a question about mistakes made (read PACT, pages 97-106.)

Use your skills. Try as hard as you can. Get into that kind of job, where you can meet a lot of demanding “cold” customers and in which you can develop as a seller. Raise your life to a new level. Get inspired by selling!

Closing Percents:

10% CLOSING Beginner, Introducer, Salesman

20% CLOSING Experienced Seller (knows how to close deals)

50% CLOSING Closer, Master, Trainer