Jaana Became A Super Seller

bellafemmelogonewNone of us is ready. We look for new possibilities and we meet new people. And that is how it is supposed to be.

I met Jaana years ago, when I was working in Tenerife. Jaana became a five star super seller in a moment. Why?

First of all she was a smiling, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in her customers. And because she was an extremely good listener it was easy for customers and also for sellers to talk about themselves with her. She concentrated on people. She liked her work and did not judge other sellers or her superiors. She did not complain and did not say a bad word even about customers. She was good.

Jaana did not waste time and energy on any unnecessary grouse even when she returned to her home country. Vice versa. She made deals when others did not. She made deals also in Finland.

It was also nice to exchange thoughts with her after a working day. As said, she was an excellent listener and when she spoke clearly and simply.

Jaana is still one of the best, if not the best female seller I have met. I hope you could meet her once and experience, how she was as a seller and still is today.

Also you should direct your focus to the analysis of your own operation. Then you can forget the disadvantages around you and can burn toward the rise stairs.

Marilyn Monroe Inspire Me PosterIt is of essential importance that you only concentrate on your own doing as a seller and stay at your own sandbox. The rinse over the edges is foolish operation and does not lead anywhere.



Do Not Judge By Appearance

Emotional Words Open Human MindI have met an innumerable amount of people during my selling career. Many customers and sellers have stayed in my mind along the journey, especially one male customer and one female seller. I want to tell about them as a teaching example and originator of thoughts. Customer first.

As a timeshare seller I established the very first international RCI holiday resort in Vuokatti, Finland in 1993. I worked as a managing director and as a sales manager of Vuokatti Country Club –holiday resort for three years.

During those years we won an international R.I.D –prize, which is admitted for small holiday villages from good customer service. Wall plates are still at my office.

When we started up sales, there were eight sellers working like Trojans in one shift and two of the best customer suppliers in Finland got customers to our presentations at the rate of 20 couples a day. The rule was that individuals living in a relationship like marriage, were not taken to a presentation alone. It is a fact, that big common decisions cannot be made unless both are in.

One June day a bachelor of about 60 years old led his bicycle on the winding road of Vuokatti slope. The sellers smiled at the office that what a great customer is coming.

“Markku surely : ) presents and makes a deal”. I told to my colleagues that you will see, that chap might even buy. I promised to present quickly by arranging “a courtesy tour”.

Even my own belief meant to stagger a little, but I surveyed the customer´s holiday behaviour and his genuine interest. I offered coffees and made things easy also otherwise.

Inspire Me MTI presented our holiday houses straightaway. The man pricked up his ears, when I was telling about my unique, new innovation, which meant that our holiday village was like an ´Officers Club´, where you can enter everyday, even thought you would not own more that a one week share of Vuokatti Country Club. Besides that the real estate company has spa– holiday– and golf shares worth a million in Katinkulta, which is located next door and with which you can enter also to Katinkulta.

He asked if there are buying restrictions. Also could he buy, as our boys had been asking him to find a wife and he doesn´t have one. He was also interested to know if he can come for a holiday sometimes at other times than on his “own week” and would his name be given to others if he bought a share. I listened to the man carefully and stated:

Assume Closing small“John, really good questions. Now when you are a shareholder in Vuokatti Country Club, you can use all the services of the club, because you are an owner. You are also able to come for a holiday in every season by paying only maintenance fee ― also for ´not own´ possession week. All unsold weeks are in use for every shareholder, their relatives and friends with a double maintenance fee.”

After this I took a deep breath and stated with a peaceful voice:

“John, if I promise to be discrete and to say nothing about your membership purchase or your wealth, you would be ready to make a deal for one week, wouldn´t you?”

That bachelor, who walked with an old bicycle answered to this: “Yes, if it is sure that nothing is said to my relatives.”

He was exact about his inheritance money and about money generally. My following question was:

”John, shall we go inside and make the deeds for the purchase?”

At the same time I stretched out my hand as a sign of a deal. He answered already now:

“Yes, let´s go!”

As far as I remember I congratulated the customer with the following words:

“Great, welcome as an owner of a Country Club!”

You surely guess, how the expressions of the other comission–sellers looked like. The day had not even really began, when I had already made the first deal and had shown example to my colleagues. And in addition to everything, the buyer was such a customer, who no-one wanted to take to a presentation, and who was the subject of much grinning at first, as a most unlikely customer…

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!Never prejudge the customer by appearance. your customer in basis of the appearance. In the sales field the foolishness of the customer´s underestimation has been proved often and in a bitter way.

As one example a lottery winner who appeared in a tracksuit, did not get the kind of service he wanted and therefore bought a Mercedes Benz from a competing store. All the people buy. All sorts of people buy. Your task as a seller is to survey their needs and to estimate the possibilities for a deal based on them. If you are after this still ready to say to yourself that your customer cannot buy, you are in the wrong field.

Never decide for your customer nothing more than that he can buy and you are willing to present and to sell him. You still remember, that I have sold in four minutes to customers who only wanted brochures. Furthermore, I have waited seven hours for a purchase decision from two couples, when I supposed that the men where the buyers.

At last when I asked nervously, that who is buying here, two women took a step forward and told that we are. So we had been without drinking and eating for more than seven hours, because I supposed the wrong persons to be buyers. Good Markku! Bravo!

Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes can be learned from. In other words it is worth remembering that you should not judge by appearance. It is definitely true, no matter what you are selling.

So do your job, do not suppose. Survey first, even then do not suppose yet, but start writing the deed. The customer surely tells in whose name the product or the service is taken.

My other example tells about a female seller, who also has stayed in my mind indelibly. I will call her Jaana. The story is true, name is not.

Smiling CEO Markku Tauriainen

YOUR DUTYDo not assume nor judge by appearance ― the first look, association might lead you into trouble or into wrong waters.

Newness Sells Always

New Inspire Me BookAccording to the study the words NEW and NEWNESS arouse interest and positive associations in the listeners with a certainty of 97 per cent. The newness sells. You are a quite clumsy seller if you do not use a word newness consciously. Otherwise it is worth choosing some of the words listed below to your sales pitch:


NEWNESSarouses interest and positive associations.

Selling is really all about the words you use in it. About the way you talk and what kind of tones and notes you use in your sales pitch. If you think of yourself as an artist, you understand and internalise better what I´m trying to tell you.


“You improve your results in selling with the help of this book. You succeed, get money, friends and influence. A new, better future begins today for you. You can throw away your worries, to grow as a human and experience safety about your future.”

you-are-specialGUARANTEE – My book has been written for you. It surely works, I guarantee. You make a good decision, when you decide to learn and to internalise the doctrines of INSPIRE ME –book from outside and make your art from them. Read it often, every day!

TRUST – I trust you like to a mountain ― You are good! Your brain is a splendid gold mine. For you!

Your life facilitates in every way. Easy and simple ― advantage and benefit from the first sentence on. You are good ― from you, from your inside are found resources which haven´t come out yet. Your brain is a splendid gold mine. You only have to dig the riches to your hands.

Your life becomes valuable and you are able to experience more love, professional pride and appreciation immediately in near future. I trust you like a mountain that you are good! I am really grateful for the fact that, you are reading this book. Be ready to help others ― by teaching others learn best! Your inner diamond becomes clear!

Use many emotional words in your sales pitch. You make considerably more deals and your work gets to the right rails! Did you notice? I used quite a number of them on this chapter…

Emotional Words

Emotional Words Open Human Mind


Emotional words open doors, which you cannot walk through. Your selling is simply easier, when you start to use the right words in your work. Emotional phrases are for example:

1) peace of mind solution
2) you´ll make a good deal & save money
3) a luxury product ― you will enjoy it!
4) new product, new service, new model
5) proven, tested, safe discovery
6) you´ll get these advantages and benefits
7) new innovation, guarantee solution
8) it will improve your life, value to you
9) healthy, easy, fun, newest, happiness, love
10) a newness sells always ― do you use it?


EMOTIONALwords are like keys to human mind.

Emotional words open doors, which you cannot walk through. Your selling is simply easier, when you start to use the right words in your work.

Take this advise seriously – start acting like a pro!

Markku Tauriainen

Entrepreneur, Finland

To Selling Directly From Club Sauna

sauna signMy selling from the sauna example is from the spring of 1989 in Tenerife. The holiday resort sold by me was about to close and therefore potential customers were rare.

I was the last season seller in the Regency Club Tenerife and I was waiting to get to make deals. However, I wanted to go to the sauna and to the swimming pool to refresh, so I agreed with the reception that when Finns arrive to the house, she directs them to the lobby bar, in which she offers them drinks and asks them to wait for a holiday resort presenter. I also asked to tell that I would be ready in about ten minutes notice.

What happened when the customers arrived? My closing percent rose dramatically, because I was especially peaceful, clean and in a good mood. I told my customers that I had been in the sauna and enjoying the delights of our club. The mood also took them, when they began to think of Regency Club as their own holiday place. I was able to survey their needs for a holiday better and a friendship was formed between us, which is in fashion again during this twitter-, facebook- and social media time.

saunavihtaSauna had a huge significance in the spring of 1989. I used the situation as an advantage and utilised my shower fresh thoughts!

In the following I guide you to the path, which leads to the island of the Pacific, to its white beaches and to shade of the swaying palms. It leads to the pleasure centre of brain, which can be opened only with emotional words, so that Hawaii is reached immediately. Amen to that!