Music Raises Your Mind ― Your Soul

Music MarkkuThe engine rumbles running. Adrenaline flows to your veins, when you put on music you like. Take the moment and start to use music lists, which really turn you on. And also listen to lyrics. You discuss with your mind.

Hit songs have clear, simple and mind raising words and tempo. Music flows to your consciousness and you get in good mood. As I was writing this book, I began every day of mine by listening to INSPIRE ME –music list. I repeated the same music, because it inspires and gets me in good mood ― to a level, where I get more out of myself.


1. Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
2. Survivor – High On You
3. Journey ― Don´t Stop Believin´ (Arnel Pineda)
4. Survivor – Burning Heart
5. Van Halen – Jump
6. Rainbow ― I Surrender
7. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
8. Bon Jovi – Runaway
9. Phil Collins – Something Happened On The Way To
10. Whitney Houston – Step by Step
11. The Pointer Sisters – I´m so Excited
12. Sunset Strippers – Falling Stars
13. Robert Tapper – No Easy Way Out
14. Paul Engemann― Push It To The Limit
15. Cher – You Haven´t Seen The Last Of Me
16. Tina Turner – The Best
17. Jimmy Page – Stairway to Heaven
18. Cheap Trick – The Flame
19. Queen – We Are The Champions
20. Huey Lewis – Stuck On You
21. Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand
22. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way
23. Heart – Never
24. Beckah Sae – Faight, Hope & Love
25. Survivor – I Can´t Hold Back


It is important in the listening of encouraging music to repeat the familiar, pleasing songs to get the mental flow of a good feeling  running with the help of music. This way you can experience something, which really gets you going.

The lyrics of the songs speak to me, they have become important to me.

“Step by step, day by day, brick by brick…” 

Holy Grail of SalesThis special Whitney Houston´s song I played in the morning meeting for new sellers, as I was working as a sales manager in sandbanks. Day always started with in the right groove, and the holy grail was found every day. One good program, for playing music lists and making music is from our neighboring country, Sweden. 



Bruce LeeDo not drift in your thoughts any longer. Climb the stairs of success and walk towards your new personal success. When you walk the right stairs, you are able to become the dragon of the sales in 30 days. You rise to wings, which are so strong, that you rise to heights. I have experienced this often. There is nothing more splendid than to walk upwards the stairs of success.

The business is good and your self-esteem strengthens day by day. You recover and grow fast to your full measure. As a wise seller you keep your feet on the stairs and your hands on railings, you don´t begin to levitate. You save your humming energy for the next day, and the day after, so that you reach continuum. Your steps are light. Lighter than ever.

You have risen on the way of success ― To the road, where you begin to shine!

When you sacrifice yourself irreversibly and do not give in, you see that round the final corner, is the reward for your struggles, and the stairway of success. You get on the road of success, which is something, you haven´t yet experienced. Put yourself on the line ― you are able to, you can.


Markku Tauriainen SmilingINSPIREothers to make deals and inspire them to get excited about themselves. If you lead, lead your groups from the front. That is the only right way. As a chief of sales the operation is the highest form of management!

The Comfort Zone Of The Seller

Gold Coin Nero RomeIt is said that everything has its price. This is most probably true. Many have had to pay the hard price work for their success and have had to work year after year without a break. To push himself to uncomfortable areas. Away from the familiar and safe. If you want to develop, you must take steps out from your comfort zone.

I took new steps at Kalajoki Beach, when I walked towards the seaside as a newly chosen project manager. I had given up my place as a sales manager of Katinkulta and had stepped into new challenges. I had been recruited to make results in the recession of the economy, when companies fell like hay in a storm. I was committed to a marketing contract so there was no return. I had to get on with the job.

Sunnuntailenkillä elokuussa Nallikarissa 13Kalajoki and sandbanks were in sales terms light years away from sales offices of Katinkulta where I had enjoyed two years of hard rise. In Kalajoki everything was at the initial stage. After the first six months the summer did not look rosy. The risks began to be realised and the selling did not get started. The problem was the new sales office. The building licence for it was not obtained from the county of Kalajoki.

It began to seem strongly that matters neither will come true nor succeed. I had a big lump in my throat and I felt bad. I cleared my thoughts dozens of times during that spring by walking to the seaside. I thought about the matters, why did I start in this challenge?

I was definitely out of my comfort zone as a seller and as a human. The road seemed to be rising steeply up. What did I do? I shortened the steps to half, started walking faster and I trusted in myself. I said often aloud to myself:

“Markku, you will make sales history. You are good and you can. Do not give in now. You are a winner. You can do this. You are the best.”

After all it went so in Kalajoki, that the whole municipal council visited the site to make the important decision. The building license was obtained for the best location of the sandbanks, next to Siikarysä Fish Restaurant. The wheels began to turn. The sales office was completed in the same summer with the assistance of the PR–house factory from Alavieska. Special thanks for it belong to managing director Mr. Tapani Kääntä. In the autumn we celebrated the big opening at the sandbanks with the power of 450 guests. The party was memorable. The holiday to Hawaii raffled in the event was won by Mr. & Mrs. Saksola from Alavieska.

Inspire Me Mountain TopNow business was no longer depending on the Sales Desk, so I began to do what I was expected to. Get results. In the new location I felt my self-esteem increasing and I was preparing for a record sales summer, when paint from the roof would be removed as champagne bottles were popping for the celebrating of closed deals.

About 300,000 day visitors visited in Kalajoki on June–July 1990´s, which is the problem of the area. 60–80 sales days is not enough for profitable business around the year, if you are not clever and rapid enough during summer period. Considering the special grade in the area I ended up in my new innovation, in a strategic thought that economic students from Vaasa and Vaasa University were worth recruiting for summer jobs. Vacation ownership representatives should be under 170 cm in hight, easily approachable, pleasing and educated young women. So not those normal sales weasels ― ADHDers, who are mainly interested in themselves. I needed Queen Bees ― it’s all in the attitude…

ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

I decided to try a new plan, in which women present and men price. I had read about the forgotten 1970´s success–story–concept of real estate agency group Huoneistokeskus, where women work as presenters and men as closers. There it was.

There were customers visiting the sandbanks of Kalajoki like black clouds in the sky, but also customer acquisition “in from door” had to be in order. The work had to function as if greased so I decided to recruit the best in the world for the task, smooth Jani with his Mercedes.

Jami had earned credit in Gran Canary Island, Spain as the best, funniest and most pleasant outside contact person of all times, who knows the matters. I wanted to have this 165 cm tall ´Ross Perot´ for us also because he was extremely result oriented, focussed enterprising young man from Middle Finland. Jami also has his green 280 Coupe Mercedes available, which he had imported from abroad.

His reputation gave a feeling of safety for both sellers and leaders. He was so efficient. Also customers liked him. There was never negative feedback. Only smiling customers walking in. To make my plan perfect, I still needed a good customer financing, which was formed that time from local Savings Bank KEP.

Savings Bank KEP quickly educated Harry and myself to grant genuine bank loans with 7.5% fixed interest in situ, where the market interest was more than 13%. The deals would not fail at least for the lack of financing. The customer financing was unique, nobody else has similar.

To my big surprise job applications began to flood from Vaasa. Half of the the sellers chosen by me were six laudatur´s secondary school graduates and seven of them were already economics students. The applicants were less than 175 cm tall, except one Ville and one tall Heidi. All of them were enthusiastic to make hard selling for 100 days with me. They wanted to learn to make deals and to get a genuine sales experience for their studies. I had it.

I hired one already distinguished top-seller at the field, Kimmo from Jyväskylä to show the way for novices. I got a top-seller Harry from Kuusamo Spa Resort beside me as a sales manager and as a closer (take over). Harry became a partner, sales manager and a closer competitor for the sales competition in summer of 1992, which was declared open with “The days of Thunder” –song at every morning meeting ― Our daily mantra!

Markku Tauriainen SmilingThe lump in the throat no longer existed as I walked to the shore of the sea. Vice versa. Everyday was like laughing gas, to which it was nice to wake up to. We worked firmly and we competed against another in a healthy way. During that summer I broke all the sales records of the field. The business was so good immediately after mother´s day, that the piccolo champagne bottles first ran out from of Alko liquor store of Kalajoki, then after a short time it ran out of all the nearby ´Alko´ –stores within radius of 300km. All the actions succeeded and all the sellers excelled themselves. We made sales history. I also made my own record as a closer, which still stands.

Holy Grail of SalesWe were able to drink from the Holy grail, which is found extremely rarely.

At least it may be searched for if you stay in your comfort zone. In order to challenge yourself, you have to strive out from your comfort zone.

The more often you make this the more you develop and succeed in demanding sales matters. You walk over difficulties and you are able to make sales, which you have not experienced before. At the same time you make history ― by winning yourself!

Buildt The Product, Develop Your Know-How

Polar FT80 Hearth Rate MonitorThe product must be good and it can also be improved. The initial innovation of the product or service can be supplemented along the way. It is possible for you to improve the service or the product several times based on the feedback, that you have received from the customers. Sell advantages and benefits to your customer, keep ears open and make notes. You get ideas from your customer, with which you can develop the product and mason your know how.

I give a heavy example. It comes from a man, who has made millions with his innovations in Oulu.

Seppo SäynäjäkandasProfessor Seppo Säynäjäkangas is a legend from Oulu and a wealthy gentleman. I met him recently in mexican restaurant Amarillo in Arina. Seppo promised that I can quote his words to my book. We became friends when I was founding a new limited company for football team AC Oulu.

The founder of Polar Electro and the developer of Polar heart rate monitor Seppo Säynäjäkangas is one of the biggest shareholders of AC Oulu. He also takes part in the background groups of AC Oulu and sits on the football council.

About a year ago we were at a meeting of the club with board members and other businessmen from Oulu discusssing the financial issues. The head coach of the team talked about the management of the team and showed his own visions.

The wall was plastered with the pages torn from the flipchart. Seppo Säynäjäkangas listened at the end of the table and almost fell asleep during the presentation, which lasted for an hour or so. The meeting was the first one he took part in. When Seppo´s opinion about the presentation was asked, he kind of woke to the discussion and stated:

“In my opinion, you should streamline this action a little. I mean your action and your business idea. That is how I feel based on what I have heard.”

When others were listening, professor Säynäjäkangas continued:

“I learned already in the 1980´s, when establishing Polar Electro that the product must be good. And even that is not enough. You have to know how to sell the product and preferably to export”.

After having heard the words of the professor, I thought what a sharp brain and thoughts professor had. Could the matter be said anymore simply and more clearly. I think not. Heart rate monitors of Polar Electro have been sold to countries around the world and the turnover of the company exceeded 200 million euros last year. In addition to this, he has just founded a new company ― named TANGO!

So the speaker´s words have significance and weight value. Also another millionaire emphasises the significance of the building the product. Mr. Donald Trump says in english:

”Building up the product is one of the most important acts.”

As a seller you work in the front line as a scribe. The words of Seppo Säynäjäkangas are the clearest diamond. Write them down on the paper and swirl them in your hands. Burn them to the hard disk of your brain with an emotional branding iron.

Right words and objectives make millions. Build up the product, mason your know-how. Remember the instructions of Seppo Säynäjäkangas:

“The product must be good and know how to sell it, preferably to export.”

Seppo Säynäjäkangas´s thoughts about streamlining are quite like foundation stone masonry. A good seller always acts streamlined:

1) Sells and presents the benefits and advantages of the product or service

2) Tells the matters understandably from the customers opinion

3) facilitates the customer to buy ― Tells clearly what the product or service costs.

Markku Tauriainen SmilingSTATEMENTMr. Tauno Matomäki, stated once, when being an industry leader in Finland: ”It is worth for Finns to export know-how and things abroad, but one thing, which is not worth taking, is a moral stance. Cultural differences must be noticed. When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

START – being the native country´s lion and grind your internal diamond to its clearest shine. Make everyday memorable ― give your everything in sales!

Two Secretaries, No Offers

Inspire Me Markku TauriainenWhen I had worked as a holiday ownership seller already for many years, I began to develop new creative solutions to the sales done in my industry. I noticed soon that thousands of Finns had bought a holiday share (timeshare) from abroad on their holiday.

However, they could not use their own club as “a summer cottage” like the shareholders of Katinkulta in Finland did. They only paid expensive service charges and saved their weeks to the RCI-holiday bank and they put shares owned by them (dissatisfied customers) for sale to Holiday Bourse Finland, which was located in Denmark. They tried to get rid of them, one way or another. So it came to my mind, that I would start making fair swap deals first in Finland and in addition to everything I would make those over the phone.

When I presented my thought to my colleagues, they thought it was crazy, but I thought differently. Next I called to Denmark to beautiful middle-aged Mrs. Jette Birkholm, who was the owner of Holiday Bourse Scandinavian A/S company and also the owner of Holiday Bourse Finland.

She had one Finnish girl working there and also she was tired of answering to customer calls in which was asked:

“Is the timeshare sold yet?”

Marilyn Monroe Inspire Me PosterJette suggested that I would buy her whole business. I thought about her proposal for a couple of days making calculations. I knew that Holiday Bourse had some 4,600 Finns in register, who owned from abroad and wanted to sell.

With the help of my instinct I came through to the conclusion to that perhaps about half of the persons, of the assignments would be active. I calculated that there were 2,500 Finns so that, if I would be able to make part exchange deals with about ten per cent of them even half a million euros turnover would accumulate. Jette wanted to have 15,000 euros, in cash from her tired business.

My business partner Harry did not support my thoughts. Vice versa. He asked me, what was the point paying 15,000 euros for the addresses when no one would buy a holiday share over the phone. However I was sure that the deal would be good, if we would agree on decent terms of payment. With these thoughts I called to Jette and booked a quick meeting to Copenhagen. In the following week I drove to Denmark, a deal as a goal (distance was 2.000km by car from my office).

I took the risk and I made a deal to buy Holiday Bourse Finland. Jette agreed to the fact that I would pay the sum asked by her in five lots within six months. Then there was a problem, which no one in Finland had yet determined, to be solved: How to make a part exchange deals?

I thought about the equation on my journey from Copenhagen back to Vuokatti and ended up with the thought that there is no time for sending offers. I planned in my Porsche 928 that the direct sales had to be done and on the phone. But how?

I started the work by isolating the part exchange sales activity from the holiday resort of Vuokatti. I opened a new Holiday Bourse Finland sales office at Kajaani (36 km from the resort) in to rental facilities, but I did not form a new company. The operation was a part of the Country Club´s business, for which I was the managing director.

Good and affordable office furniture with indoor plants were found from the clearance sale of insurance company Kansa. I asked Sirpa, who was my loyalty person to be my colleague and my secretary. Together we knew a lot of this Canary Island mess. Furthermore, I employed also another secretary, young Mira, in other words ended up with two secretaries.

I wanted to make nothing more than deals, a lot of them. I took as my goal to make 200 deals during the first year with the assistance of my secretaries. My turnover target was 300,000 euros. When succeeding It would return my investment within a year and the system would pay for itself. I would make sales history at the same time.

I motivated myself by setting a A3 sheet in the end of the bed which said: 1000€/day. That much allowed me to make the loan repayments of the company from my desk every day even “with my head just above the mud”. And I wanted to succeed.

ceo-markkutauriainen-smiling-at-blogsite.jpgI started by making new working tools: a new survey form and a new A4 –cash payment barter form. And lets get started. I presented the matter to my customers this way:

“Hi this is Markku from Vuokatti Country Club, how do you do… I have bought the business of Holiday Bourse Finland. As a new owner I stop giving empty promises, so that your listed share would be sold. I provide an opportunity to transfer the money you have invested abroad back to Finland, by offering you a part exchange deal to Vuokatti, where I have established a new holiday resort.

The service charges, maintenance fees are only half of those in Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife owned by you and you can use the resort year round with one week share including the spa of Katinkulta, whose shareholders we are. Finnish alternative. Are you interested in making a part exchange deal?”

Every single customer got interested. They asked nearly always, if I could send a written offer. I answered that I cannot and I don´t want to. I´m making deals. A customer answered that he cannot make the decision on the phone this fast. I stated that there is no need to. I make deeds with my two secretaries all day long, which I sign and post. All the relevant papers will come to your home and a deal is accepted from my side and has been signed, if you decide to buy, you only return me the signed deed. Many customer answered:

“Have I already bought something?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Not yet”, I answered (above photostream shows my product).

“But to which week you would like to change your foreign possession to, if we reach an understanding about the cash payment, which is from one thousand to three thousand euros depending on the week? Are you more interested in summer or winter week?”

Inner diamondUsually a customer asked for the cheapest possible alternative, to which I then negotiated the terms of payment. I always returned strictly to money and asked how the customer could pay the required cash payment, if they agree.

My next question, proposal was:

“Would it be easier for you to make the decision about the swop deal, if I could give you time for the payment in two lots, so that you would pay half within 2 months and the rest by the end of the year?

If I could act this way, you would be in, or what?” (closing the deal)

In other words I only negotiated about the deal and its terms of payment. In the end I asked all the details of the deal with their identify numbers and with their addresses before I congratulated the customer about making a good deal and wished them welcome for a holiday and as a owner of Country Club of Vuokatti, Finland. Then I passed the paper to Sirpa or to Mira and took the next call for getting a new deal. No offers were send. Deeds were. 38.5% of them returned as signed. I made 192 cash payment part exchange deals during the first year, and all barters by telephone ― awesome, isn´t it?

Gold Coin Nero RomeThe turnover accumulated was over twenty times as much as the amount invested and the purchase of Holiday Bourse and OP–bank–loans of Country Club were paid from the cash desk.

I made sales history. I was happy for a reason and I still am. Very valuable experience.

Remember to be creative and enthusiastic. Do not listen to naysayers. Only new innovations and marketing brings new customers. With the help of creativity you get new customers and double your sales easily. If anything, that is worth reaching.

I tell another example about the innovative solution…to appeal your brain more. Nowadays, sales is more and more entertaining.

Markku Tauriainen FinlandMIND FRESHENER –The bullet proof way is to remember to be creative and enthusiastic. Only new innovations and marketing brings new customers. Your duty is to accept this remarkable truth, isn´t it?

In the next chapter I will write about: BUILD THE PRODUCT, DEVELOP YOUR KNOW-HOW!

Blonde Who Forges With A Will

Marilyn Monroe Inspire Me PosterAs a second example I tell about a genuine blonde, whom I met in telemarketing. She had recently remained as a single parent for her five year old son and sought to be a telemarketer.

In  spite of her situation this peppery blonde ploughed tracks everyday to others and showed with her example, how deals are made. Even though selling abilities were yet not at the highest level, she made everything with a strong will. The girl took calls with a quick pace, no matter if she was rejected or not. Already after the first sales month I had to state that an unique will in a cell level, which was radiating from one day to another was found from that 165 cm body of a girl from Sotkamo, Finland. My colleague was an extremely hard, willing, and happy young woman, who definitely rises to the seller´s sky as a diamond, among the legends.

Taurisol With Charlies Angels_2013TWO SECRETARIES, NO OFFERS

In the next chapter I will tell you a stunning real-life-sales-experience. A challenge, which I completed greatly with two secretary – for Taurisol I´ll have three secretaries, and no offers!

Jaana Became A Super Seller

bellafemmelogonewNone of us is ready. We look for new possibilities and we meet new people. And that is how it is supposed to be.

I met Jaana years ago, when I was working in Tenerife. Jaana became a five star super seller in a moment. Why?

First of all she was a smiling, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in her customers. And because she was an extremely good listener it was easy for customers and also for sellers to talk about themselves with her. She concentrated on people. She liked her work and did not judge other sellers or her superiors. She did not complain and did not say a bad word even about customers. She was good.

Jaana did not waste time and energy on any unnecessary grouse even when she returned to her home country. Vice versa. She made deals when others did not. She made deals also in Finland.

It was also nice to exchange thoughts with her after a working day. As said, she was an excellent listener and when she spoke clearly and simply.

Jaana is still one of the best, if not the best female seller I have met. I hope you could meet her once and experience, how she was as a seller and still is today.

Also you should direct your focus to the analysis of your own operation. Then you can forget the disadvantages around you and can burn toward the rise stairs.

Marilyn Monroe Inspire Me PosterIt is of essential importance that you only concentrate on your own doing as a seller and stay at your own sandbox. The rinse over the edges is foolish operation and does not lead anywhere.