ceo-markku-tauriainen-uudempi-15-levec3a4.jpgFind your internal self-discipline and you will never fail again. The will is a strong attempt at the cell level. The toughness and will of your grand-father´s grandfather are in your cells for up to three or four generations, no matter what others say. ”Finns” have walked through 105 days of hell during 1939-1940 and battled to the very last men for the independence of Finland. As an example, hard winter-war-times lived through by my grandfather, and the perseverance are in them as well. They are in my body, in my cells ― SOUL-CELL WILL! The will cells are inside you. You only have to find them there. Open up and find them. Open up and find the treasure chest of your cells, your inner will state.

  As a seller you strongly want to do the right things and the right things only. Your thoughts need to be fed with simple messages daily. You can repeat your mantra, a thesis of Donald Trump ― it is really a good one and with it you force your thoughts to success.


Donald Trump:

  ”Do only, what the customer wants ― nothing else. And what they are willing to pay for. Do not fall in love with your products, nor with your company ― fall in love with the results!”

  You will become a king as a seller and as a human when you are able to command your willpower.

  A will is from you, from your soul and also from everything that is around you. Start to send and receive positive signals. Wake yourself up and tune open all your possible channels.