Blonde Who Forges With A Will

Marilyn Monroe Inspire Me PosterAs a second example I tell about a genuine blonde, whom I met in telemarketing. She had recently remained as a single parent for her five year old son and sought to be a telemarketer.

In  spite of her situation this peppery blonde ploughed tracks everyday to others and showed with her example, how deals are made. Even though selling abilities were yet not at the highest level, she made everything with a strong will. The girl took calls with a quick pace, no matter if she was rejected or not. Already after the first sales month I had to state that an unique will in a cell level, which was radiating from one day to another was found from that 165 cm body of a girl from Sotkamo, Finland. My colleague was an extremely hard, willing, and happy young woman, who definitely rises to the seller´s sky as a diamond, among the legends.

Taurisol With Charlies Angels_2013TWO SECRETARIES, NO OFFERS

In the next chapter I will tell you a stunning real-life-sales-experience. A challenge, which I completed greatly with two secretary – for Taurisol I´ll have three secretaries, and no offers!


To Selling Directly From Club Sauna

sauna signMy selling from the sauna example is from the spring of 1989 in Tenerife. The holiday resort sold by me was about to close and therefore potential customers were rare.

I was the last season seller in the Regency Club Tenerife and I was waiting to get to make deals. However, I wanted to go to the sauna and to the swimming pool to refresh, so I agreed with the reception that when Finns arrive to the house, she directs them to the lobby bar, in which she offers them drinks and asks them to wait for a holiday resort presenter. I also asked to tell that I would be ready in about ten minutes notice.

What happened when the customers arrived? My closing percent rose dramatically, because I was especially peaceful, clean and in a good mood. I told my customers that I had been in the sauna and enjoying the delights of our club. The mood also took them, when they began to think of Regency Club as their own holiday place. I was able to survey their needs for a holiday better and a friendship was formed between us, which is in fashion again during this twitter-, facebook- and social media time.

saunavihtaSauna had a huge significance in the spring of 1989. I used the situation as an advantage and utilised my shower fresh thoughts!

In the following I guide you to the path, which leads to the island of the Pacific, to its white beaches and to shade of the swaying palms. It leads to the pleasure centre of brain, which can be opened only with emotional words, so that Hawaii is reached immediately. Amen to that!

Your Clean, External Essence

Inspire Me MTThe cleanliness is important to the seller. The cleanliness is half of the food, as it is said. You have to get ready for each day by taking a long shower as if at a holiday resort located on the shore of the Caribbean sea. The use of cosmetics on skin is not bull. Refresh the skin with moisturising or anti-ageing cream to bring pleasure which is significant.

I try to tell you about the importance of the cleanliness to the seller. The blue moment experienced in the morning in the shower is transferred to the customer as a smile and as an expression of a good feeling. The cleanliness is a property, which calms your mind and your soul.

Our speech forms only 10–30 percent of the communication used by us. Another external essence covers the rest. The magic begins a state of mind, especially for your mind and thoughts!

Helena wifeWhen your skin, your nails and your hair are neat, your self–esteem rises and you experience pleasure. You transmit this as a shine to your customer. Beautician Helena (my wife) is shining daily to her customers.

When you choose tidy and clean clothes, you complete your essence. You accept yourself as an actor and as a human. When you look in the mirror, you know that you are ready and can love yourself such as you are. It is easy to smile when you are clean.

Going to the sauna is also worth doing!

That you will learn in the next chapter of INSPIRE ME – Inspire Yourself & Bank The results!

All Roads Lead To Rome

Gold Coin Nero RomeIn sales every single road or path leads to Rome! Every call, every meeting and every task leads to Rome in other words to a deal. Whenever you put on an armour and start to wage war, the final result is whether deal or death.

A good warrior makes sure that the weapons are in order, armour is whole, battle skills are learned and that WILL OF WINNING IS AT THE UPPER LEVEL There is no other alternative than a victory. A deal comes always.

One who maintains skills succeeds in sales. The things must be known. Remember that many wars have been won in spite of the superior opponent with a strong fighting spirit. What do you have to manage? It is good to know about the wider general goals of the company, but your task is to make sure that you stay alive. It is the general´s task to make sure that the war is won.

In selling every call, meeting and closing–situation is an attempt to win a battle. To make a deal. There is no other nor greater goal! All the words, sentences and doctrines in this book aim only to the same thing, in other words to the fact that you would make more deals and would be successful as a seller in your life.

I have sales experience already for more than 30 years. In spite of that, why do I experience big pleasure, growth, relief and internal enlightenment as writing INSPIRE ME –book?

Therefore that I know that I´m leaving a legacy to this world. My thoughts and my experiences are in the books and covers. Anyone can have them in their hands. To read, to learn, to get benefit and advantage for selling for many years to come. That carries.

Bruce LeeGOAL The best in the world – that is your serious target.

INSPIRE YOURSELF – Get Excited By Yourself!

Gold Coin Nero_smallOne important man on the path of my journey has been George Erwing. I met him when I started as a timeshare seller trainee in Tenerife at Christmas 1988. George was the project director and a trainer of the House ― Regency Club Tenerife Canary Islands, a particularly smiling and inspiring coach. His words had an indelible impact on me.

George uttered his famous, nostalgic  words “BE  ENTHUSIASTIC” in  Regency  Club. Enthusiastic  means,  eager,  energetic, enterprising, courageous ― Such as one who is thrilled and excited. I listened to the doctrines of George Erwing with open ears, when he assured to me, that there is no need to be anything else than enthusiastic.

“Markku, be enthusiastic, it is seen and it really catches the customers”.

And it is true. The enthusiasm is one of the most central properties of the seller on the way towards the higher diamond levels of learning.

Money rules the world. If I could turn back time, would I start again? Would you do something different if I gave you an new opportunity?

I have given you several doctrines and impulses in this book, so that you would get excited by yourself and from making of sales.

If you get  excited in yourself, you still have time to make several millions. Get excited  by sales, make your millions. Today is a good day to start.

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ENTHUSIASM – originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a God. Socrates taught that the inspiration of poets is a form of enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic ― it is seen and it catches!

Marcus Tullius CiceroCICERO – is believed to be the greatest speaker that ever lived.

“The people love the speaker whose words can thoughts as own…”

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