Your Weakest Moments

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1According to an Indian guru, the human is at his weakest between 3.00 am and 5.00 am in the morning. It is a fact that the sunbeams cannot reach you at that time of the day. It is also called the twilight zone. The Indian guru requests us then to take an ice-cold shower. This is a method, which can be used to strengthen your mind and your body by taking your energy reserves from inside, to be stronger at the moment when the human is at his weakest. The advice may be true.

  In Finland we have recently studied the exposure to cold and winter swimming as a healing property of mind and soul with significant results.

  People who´s interest is winter swimming are telling that they are doing better. They are not overcome by small autumn flu, because they take care of themselves with nutrition, physical training and with thoughts, with suggestion and by repeating to themselves daily that: “I am healthy and I will not get colds or fever.”

  In order to confirm this suggestion, the same swimmers eat crowberries, blueberries and wheat bran in the morning. Furthermore they drink Möller cod liver oil daily during the winter and think that it tastes wonderful!

RE-READ… To strengthen their thoughts.

  The fact is that your own attitude can be expanded with both physical and mental exercises. To be able to take steps forward and upwards as a seller, you have to expand your attitude. But how can it be done?

  Begin by making a deep and profound inventory about you and about the matters which are related to it. What you do daily. Remember that the food is one of the most important strengtheners of mind and will. Your mind will become clear and will grow automatically, when your intestines get berries and fibres. Daily experiencing and reiterating of a good feeling are a spring to Your mind. It really makes You prosperous, again and again.

  Self–suggestion is one of the basics of your will. Remember that cutting out wrong matters and acts, minimising the problems keeps you moving on.

  This book contains good, strong advice. By repeating and reading ´Inspire Me´ –book, you make a gold mine out of your brain, to which you can return daily. And when you visit your mine often enough, you notice that it contains also diamonds.

  So lets polish your inner diamond. Properly polished diamond shines and radiates tenfold. All the rays of light break and reflect from its surface. Properly polished diamond shines.

  The light of the polished diamond always charms its spectator. Polish your mind and your attitude to the shine, which will become crystal clear. There is nothing harder than a polished diamond. When you make a diamond out of your mind and will, you will be stopped by nothing or no one anymore. You become invincible!

CORE – INFO Polish your mind — your attitude to the shine, which will become crystal clear.