Music Raises Your Mind ― Your Soul

Music MarkkuThe engine rumbles running. Adrenaline flows to your veins, when you put on music you like. Take the moment and start to use music lists, which really turn you on. And also listen to lyrics. You discuss with your mind.

Hit songs have clear, simple and mind raising words and tempo. Music flows to your consciousness and you get in good mood. As I was writing this book, I began every day of mine by listening to INSPIRE ME –music list. I repeated the same music, because it inspires and gets me in good mood ― to a level, where I get more out of myself.


1. Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
2. Survivor – High On You
3. Journey ― Don´t Stop Believin´ (Arnel Pineda)
4. Survivor – Burning Heart
5. Van Halen – Jump
6. Rainbow ― I Surrender
7. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
8. Bon Jovi – Runaway
9. Phil Collins – Something Happened On The Way To
10. Whitney Houston – Step by Step
11. The Pointer Sisters – I´m so Excited
12. Sunset Strippers – Falling Stars
13. Robert Tapper – No Easy Way Out
14. Paul Engemann― Push It To The Limit
15. Cher – You Haven´t Seen The Last Of Me
16. Tina Turner – The Best
17. Jimmy Page – Stairway to Heaven
18. Cheap Trick – The Flame
19. Queen – We Are The Champions
20. Huey Lewis – Stuck On You
21. Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand
22. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way
23. Heart – Never
24. Beckah Sae – Faight, Hope & Love
25. Survivor – I Can´t Hold Back


It is important in the listening of encouraging music to repeat the familiar, pleasing songs to get the mental flow of a good feeling  running with the help of music. This way you can experience something, which really gets you going.

The lyrics of the songs speak to me, they have become important to me.

“Step by step, day by day, brick by brick…” 

Holy Grail of SalesThis special Whitney Houston´s song I played in the morning meeting for new sellers, as I was working as a sales manager in sandbanks. Day always started with in the right groove, and the holy grail was found every day. One good program, for playing music lists and making music is from our neighboring country, Sweden. 


The Sales Manager Is Also Responsible For Others

Gold Coin Nero RomeSelling is taking responsibility ― first from your own doing, after this more widely. When you make deals, solve matters, build sales and are creative, you will be noticed. Your thoughts and views will be heard in your organisation and You probably get more responsibility.

In that case remember to be exemplary in every way and go into responsibility given. It has been given to you also as a possibility: You develop as a human and as a seller. In my opinion, you have earned the sales manager´s place, if you fill at least these five qualities:

1) You are able to motivate your sellers daily

2) You reward, encourage, tirelessly daily

3) You help them to sell, to build up sales

4) You plough the track, you sell most every day

5) You are the “star”, example with words and acts

When you step on the stage with your bigger sword and with your responsibility, more from you is expected. Your sword has to whistle and your voice has to be heard. You have to encourage your subordinates with your example

Markku Tauriainen SmilingINSPIRE others to make deals and inspire them to get excited about themselves. If you lead, lead your groups from the front. That is the only right way. As a chief of sales the operation


Bruce LeeDo not drift in your thoughts any longer. Climb the stairs of success and walk towards your new personal success. When you walk the right stairs, you are able to become the dragon of the sales in 30 days. You rise to wings, which are so strong, that you rise to heights. I have experienced this often. There is nothing more splendid than to walk upwards the stairs of success.

The business is good and your self-esteem strengthens day by day. You recover and grow fast to your full measure. As a wise seller you keep your feet on the stairs and your hands on railings, you don´t begin to levitate. You save your humming energy for the next day, and the day after, so that you reach continuum. Your steps are light. Lighter than ever.

You have risen on the way of success ― To the road, where you begin to shine!

When you sacrifice yourself irreversibly and do not give in, you see that round the final corner, is the reward for your struggles, and the stairway of success. You get on the road of success, which is something, you haven´t yet experienced. Put yourself on the line ― you are able to, you can.


Markku Tauriainen SmilingINSPIREothers to make deals and inspire them to get excited about themselves. If you lead, lead your groups from the front. That is the only right way. As a chief of sales the operation is the highest form of management!

Every Customer Buys, A Seller Decides

Inspireme DiamondEvery customer is a possibility. As a seller you decide in split seconds, whether the customer buys or not.

Is it possible that every customer buys?

Older people were the weakness in my own telemarketing. When a person over 80 years old, answers my call and says that he does not need anything anymore, I may decide quite easily that he does not buy. I justify it to myself with that moral thought that he is perhaps no longer competent and there will be negative feedback afterwards. So I have decided for the customer that he does not buy. It is a mistake because a seller always decides, whether the customer buys or not. In other words in case described above I could also decide otherwise, in the case I would first survey the needs of the old person and after this I would try to make a deal.

At the moral part I could think, that the children of that old person perhaps haven´t been interested enough in the needs of their own parent, neither have paid attention to the fact that the product sold by me might facilitate his life.

Believe it or not, but the seller always decides in his thoughts for the customer and for himself, that he buys. As a seller you have to keep your thoughts clear. Every customer is a possibility to make a deal. And the goal is a deal and a deal only. Therefore there is a need to concentrate on every customer and on every selling situation, and must be acted professionally. A desperate seller motivates himself by thinking, that he concentrates on every customer like it was the last one. Live or Die –thought is mental crawling, in which he is ready to die for a good result. This way of thinking has to be uprooted as a weed.

The right, motivated attitude, is such where I have prepared carefully and done my homework in attitude as follows: 1) I am ready to face my customer, 2) to meet him in an especially enthusiastic way 3) I will be genuinely interested in him, 4) I am ready to do a survey about my customers buying behaviour, 5) despite his initial reactions and objections.

He is my customer. I make friends with him and I make deal with him. Every customer is a possibility to expand my sales network.

When he buys, he also tells about my product and about his good experiences to his friends and pals.

Every customer buys. It is the seller´s task to think this way and to avoid the thought, that he does not buy until the end. The more you are able to maintain the thought, that he buys for sure, the more you message with your aerials, that you are making deals!

As I was starting my career as a timeshare seller in Regency Club in Tenerife, I didn´t think that it is possible to sell to everyone. However, I had to change my view quickly, when I saw with my own eyes a seller who sells to everyone. I do not remember the name of this older one-legged man, but I always remember his expression. He smiled and always wished his customers welcome, no matter what they looked like. His tour began on the terrace pool view. One week´s closing percent of this english “Angola-war-veteran” was 80. In practice everyone bought, but certainly some cancelled already next morning or after returning home. Even though he presented to same “cold”, customers as we did, pulled from the street, he succeeded nearly always. BUT WHAT MADE HIM SO GOOD? The secret is in that fact, that he did not doubt even for a split second, whether someone buys or not.

He always went for his presentation tour to make a deal. He had no other options in mind. He is the toughest closer I have met personally.

There were others too. One playboy type seller at Hollywood Mirage was a legend also because he always stayed at the site only for a week and disappeared for two. But he always returned and again made the sales history for a week. His closing percent was 80. He was irresistible in many ways.

Holy Grail of SalesMASTER YOUR EMOTIONS – You really can sell to everyone and sales can be done with a good pulse, week after week and year after year! Decide ― everyone buys!