My Origin, My Centre

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1You may have heard a story about a man who went to the Shaolin monastery to look for the answers of his life.

The story goes like this: A monk guided the man to the rules of the monastery and to the everyday rhythm. To thinking and meditating, which was performed daily at the inner yard of the monastery. The man learned focus by meditating ardently even four to six hours in a day. He ate, slept and wondered. No one talked to him or answered his questions. The time passed by meditating and studying.

  After the fifth day, when the visitor started to become impatient, the monk returned to him and looked at him in the eyes. However, soon he went away still leaving the man to meditate alone at the yard of the monastery for two days. On to the seventh day the monk returned, again looked at the man deep in the eyes and began asking questions: “How have your days here been like? What has your mind told? Have you experienced a good or a bad feeling in your life? Have you found answers and solutions to all the questions which occupy your mind? Your look tells that you yet have not.”

  After this the monk drew a circle in the sand around the man, which was approximately the length distance between his hands and started to talk at the same time:

  “Now I am asking you to listen carefully to what I am telling you. Your world, your thoughts are as the world around you. I drew a circle to facilitate your feelings. Concentrate on your thoughts. You´ll see yourself the way you are built inside. What kind of world and life you build comes from your origin ― from your centre, which is in you.”

  So, you surely have once heard a phrase:

You are, what you eat.”

Or that a healthy soul lives in a healthy body.”

Or that things aren´t necessarily what they seem.” As examined from the point of view of the seller, the biggest truth crystallises this way:

SIMPLIFIEDthis is worth doing, If someone has to change, it is you. This is worth doing, right up to death. Others cannot be blamed if the business is bad. The answer is in you…