Your Clean, External Essence

Inspire Me MTThe cleanliness is important to the seller. The cleanliness is half of the food, as it is said. You have to get ready for each day by taking a long shower as if at a holiday resort located on the shore of the Caribbean sea. The use of cosmetics on skin is not bull. Refresh the skin with moisturising or anti-ageing cream to bring pleasure which is significant.

I try to tell you about the importance of the cleanliness to the seller. The blue moment experienced in the morning in the shower is transferred to the customer as a smile and as an expression of a good feeling. The cleanliness is a property, which calms your mind and your soul.

Our speech forms only 10–30 percent of the communication used by us. Another external essence covers the rest. The magic begins a state of mind, especially for your mind and thoughts!

Helena wifeWhen your skin, your nails and your hair are neat, your self–esteem rises and you experience pleasure. You transmit this as a shine to your customer. Beautician Helena (my wife) is shining daily to her customers.

When you choose tidy and clean clothes, you complete your essence. You accept yourself as an actor and as a human. When you look in the mirror, you know that you are ready and can love yourself such as you are. It is easy to smile when you are clean.

Going to the sauna is also worth doing!

That you will learn in the next chapter of INSPIRE ME – Inspire Yourself & Bank The results!


Win The Argument And You´ll Lose The Deal

Inspire Men Logo SmallSelling is not an auction, nor is it yelling at the customer. A skilled seller never begins to argue with a customer about any matter. Why? Making of deals is not persuading the customer or winning an argument about some thing gone through with your customer. Old phrase, if you win the argument, you lose a deal is true. In principle, a customer feeds his thoughts to a seller. He tries to sell his own thoughts to you. He believes, what he says. A customer always doubts what you are saying, because those are not his thoughts ― Yet.

The customer´s own reality, information level and buying desire are based on his own experiences of the products and services familiar to him. A good, skilled seller never starts to argue with the customer nor guide him at any level. It must always be acted this way, or what?




Gold Coin Nero RomeIf you cannot win a battle, you however want to fall with boots on. When you rise up, you can continue the journey from where you fell. At this stage it is good to repeat the section of the difference between sympathy and empathy, which you read earlier from page 89. Dirty trousers are best washed before you put them on, or what?

CUSTOMERis the base of business. Make sure that you really understand your customer ― needs and buying behaviors. You also want to know the change in behavior when it happens, in advance!