At this very moment, the brave minds talk about innovations. Eleanor Roosevelt stated at her time. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

CaddieOn Tuomo Lalli Telling The Hot Tip

My entrepreneur friend Tuomo Lalli, CEO Founder of CaddieOn has taken this matter literally. With his team (ex. Nokia engineers) they have innovated a revolutional automated golf data collection system for golfers, in time nobody-expected-it-to-happen!only one button @caddieon

Support CADDIEON | #indiegogo mission 2014

Now is time to put action behind the words and visit #indiegogo page at

This CaddieOn #indiegogo mission is Tuomo´s 2nd crowdfunding mission. The 1st one went very well. CaddieOn got some 40.000€ support on the first round 6 moths ago and more important, lot of backers & golfers from Finland to make this great innovation journey to happen. I think that we like to support CaddieOn for wider reach, to the international waters! The train is on the move, Spanish golf courses have taken CaddieOn app very positively =) please note! it is possible to map your favorite golf course to the CaddieOn system and have publisity for it before end customers find it.

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Let´s share, support and make more social media buzz for Revolutional Automated Golf Data Collection | CaddieOn

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