The purpose of my book is to inspire. It´s key note Inspire Me – Inspire Yourself works in every direction. It works for me, it works for you, for everyone who reads it.

INSPIRE ME –book has inspired me to do selling again, inspired me to make sales with hard pulsation. It has inspired me to become clear and to distribute doctrines to others. Whenever I glance the cover of my book, I read it aloud in my thoughts. Inspire Me – Inspire Yourself. It is like a fruit, which you willingly eat again and again.

Getting inspired by moment, day, task, product, sales, life, own development, family ― it is crucial. Getting inspired is central.

Get inspired by this book, by reading it and repeating of it ― until one day you write your own success story without comparison. You can trust on the fact, that success follows your actions, when you start to inspire yourself. Inspire Me!

Everything is yours ― right here right now ― when you get inspired. This book provides you that support and protection, which helps you to survive though the challenges of sales though your whole life. Remember that reading of this book is only benefit and advantage for you, because:


Eino Leino 1903Old Finnish Author Eino Leino states in his poem I :

“Everything is in you.

You hang on to yourself.

Walk toward the highest,

towards the hill of your own luck.

Fill what you know,

what you want to.

Everything is in you.”


Markku ja HelenaThe author or INSPIRE ME -book is entrepreneur Markku Tauriainen, married with beautician wife Helena since 1994 (20th anniversary summer 2014).

Helena´s business is Beauty Salon BellaHelena

Entrepreneurs who like to work together =)


75 Year Anniversary Gala, Association of Finnish Beauty Therapists (SKY)

SKY – Association of Finnish Beauty Therapistscelebrated its 75th anniversary on Saturday, 5th of October, 2013.

I had the honor to be present with my beautician wife Helena Tauriainen. The Gala started with drinks and speeches, then continued with the mind lifting performance by the famous opera singer Johanna Rusanen. After president of the SKY, Mrs. Arja Korkala´s speech – The Finnish Parliament were represented by congressman Kimmo Sasi. The awesome event were hosted by Jani Toivola in the most beautiful atmosphere, the restaurant Onion´s winter garden in Helsinki, Finland.

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