I hope humbly, with all my heart, that my book starts enthusiasm in you for sales and making of sales. I believe and hope that you get at least that amount of benefits, advantages to yourself and to your organisation, that you´ll get manifoldy back the euros, dollars you have invested in this book.

I have had joy and enthusiasm to write this book. I hope my text inspires you. It has inspired me and it will in future as well, and I will not make an exception as a seller, to use this book to develop as a human and as a seller.

Every day.









INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!



Oulu, 22th of May 2012

Markku Tauriainen
Entrepreneur, Author

PS. If you think that I should publish an other book please comment it on this page. I have gathered material for some time for the book, HEAL ME – And Move Forward (book´s work name), that could be the next one =)



The purpose of my book is to inspire. It´s key note Inspire Me – Inspire Yourself works in every direction. It works for me, it works for you, for everyone who reads it.

INSPIRE ME –book has inspired me to do selling again, inspired me to make sales with hard pulsation. It has inspired me to become clear and to distribute doctrines to others. Whenever I glance the cover of my book, I read it aloud in my thoughts. Inspire Me – Inspire Yourself. It is like a fruit, which you willingly eat again and again.

Getting inspired by moment, day, task, product, sales, life, own development, family ― it is crucial. Getting inspired is central.

Get inspired by this book, by reading it and repeating of it ― until one day you write your own success story without comparison. You can trust on the fact, that success follows your actions, when you start to inspire yourself. Inspire Me!

Everything is yours ― right here right now ― when you get inspired. This book provides you that support and protection, which helps you to survive though the challenges of sales though your whole life. Remember that reading of this book is only benefit and advantage for you, because:


Eino Leino 1903Old Finnish Author Eino Leino states in his poem I :

“Everything is in you.

You hang on to yourself.

Walk toward the highest,

towards the hill of your own luck.

Fill what you know,

what you want to.

Everything is in you.”


Markku ja HelenaThe author or INSPIRE ME -book is entrepreneur Markku Tauriainen, married with beautician wife Helena since 1994 (20th anniversary summer 2014).

Helena´s business is Beauty Salon BellaHelena

Entrepreneurs who like to work together =)

Three Generations Of Hard Work

Ask for a deal, then you have workThe Jews have a phrase: The real entrepreneurship is created in three man generations. First father looks, then son does, then grandson learns. As a seller you have to be thorough, persistent and enthusiastic. All the stones must be turned all the way around. The matters have to be studied and repeated. When you do and give everything you have and do it for a long time, you can wait to get results.

Only hard, extremely hard work is rewarded. Realise this and open this book, whenever you have the possibility for it. If Jews have learned during generations, that entrepreneurship and sellers are created in three generations, how could you wait to get to be the king in one or two months.

If I honestly estimate my sales career, which has lasted for 35 years, I want to say humbly, that only results earned with hard work are lasting. I have had to return to my source often to find enthusiasm, know-how and will.

DiamondThe diamonds accumulated into my treasure chest are always clearer, and more valuable, the more hard selling I do. Even if the chest was full of diamonds, in sales a man never get to free riders position.

Man has to get excited about selling over and over again and with passion. When you walk often enough to the sedge, where work and hoe is waiting, you become humble.

At this stage I want to make clear that humility is not crawling and asking forgiveness ― not parrots whistle. The servility has to be understood as a wisdom to take new work and field courageously. If your will, attitude and desire are encouraging for hard work, you are always rewarded.

Be a pioneer from your soul and start working from morning untill night. Make sales without sorrow. Kick yourself forward. Give your all until you are knackered. Rest at night and start a new morning and a new working day with enthusiasm and joy. This way your father and mother, grandfather and grandmother have done.

Hard work is already done creasting the pearl necklace of your family tree, but it is your honour to shine brightest and to maintain the treasures and crowns of your family.

Get inspired by your own doing again and again. Count the deals done by you, not working days. Get to be the clearest star in the sky and shine.

Myamoto MusashiMIYAMOTO MUSASHI 1584–1645 (jap. 宮本武蔵,) lived his life in an orderly fashion and walked the road of Samurais. He appreciated honestly, humility and hard work. Wrote his famous book ― Gorin No Sho.

Wise Old People

Inspire Me Diamond 2013Every human develops during his life. The best hints and wisdom are diamonds in the people´s pockets. Someone has already found and collected them. You only have to ask and be interested in the time and the moment, which you get with your customer.

Often older people have pockets full of diamonds ― all kinds of diamonds. It is worth being interested about them.

One young, successful male seller I met in telemarketing was specialised in food and pastry recipes. He told me that old people are gold mines of recipes. They have developed them for years. When you show genuine interest, they reveal the recipes of their best tidbits and delicacies. You can make a deal and get recipe hints as well.

And when you are holding a new diamond you are more powerful as a seller when you pass their experiences on to other customers.

Do not belittle old people. They have pockets full of diamonds, wisdoms, which you get by showing genuine interest in the work they have done. Do not think negatively about any living creature.

Life is around you. Also experiences and wisdoms. When someone tells you secrets and advices of sales, receive them. When you get to total flood, matters will glide to your thoughts like music. In my opinion, one song which brings pleasure is Frankie Valley´s Can´t Take My Eyes off You, which was also played in film The Deer Hunter. Listen the song often, and you get to good mood from it and you get to the highway of enthusiasm. Do not take your eyes off sales! Make Sales, Sales, Sales!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WISDOM – Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

Every Customer Buys, A Seller Decides

Inspireme DiamondEvery customer is a possibility. As a seller you decide in split seconds, whether the customer buys or not.

Is it possible that every customer buys?

Older people were the weakness in my own telemarketing. When a person over 80 years old, answers my call and says that he does not need anything anymore, I may decide quite easily that he does not buy. I justify it to myself with that moral thought that he is perhaps no longer competent and there will be negative feedback afterwards. So I have decided for the customer that he does not buy. It is a mistake because a seller always decides, whether the customer buys or not. In other words in case described above I could also decide otherwise, in the case I would first survey the needs of the old person and after this I would try to make a deal.

At the moral part I could think, that the children of that old person perhaps haven´t been interested enough in the needs of their own parent, neither have paid attention to the fact that the product sold by me might facilitate his life.

Believe it or not, but the seller always decides in his thoughts for the customer and for himself, that he buys. As a seller you have to keep your thoughts clear. Every customer is a possibility to make a deal. And the goal is a deal and a deal only. Therefore there is a need to concentrate on every customer and on every selling situation, and must be acted professionally. A desperate seller motivates himself by thinking, that he concentrates on every customer like it was the last one. Live or Die –thought is mental crawling, in which he is ready to die for a good result. This way of thinking has to be uprooted as a weed.

The right, motivated attitude, is such where I have prepared carefully and done my homework in attitude as follows: 1) I am ready to face my customer, 2) to meet him in an especially enthusiastic way 3) I will be genuinely interested in him, 4) I am ready to do a survey about my customers buying behaviour, 5) despite his initial reactions and objections.

He is my customer. I make friends with him and I make deal with him. Every customer is a possibility to expand my sales network.

When he buys, he also tells about my product and about his good experiences to his friends and pals.

Every customer buys. It is the seller´s task to think this way and to avoid the thought, that he does not buy until the end. The more you are able to maintain the thought, that he buys for sure, the more you message with your aerials, that you are making deals!

As I was starting my career as a timeshare seller in Regency Club in Tenerife, I didn´t think that it is possible to sell to everyone. However, I had to change my view quickly, when I saw with my own eyes a seller who sells to everyone. I do not remember the name of this older one-legged man, but I always remember his expression. He smiled and always wished his customers welcome, no matter what they looked like. His tour began on the terrace pool view. One week´s closing percent of this english “Angola-war-veteran” was 80. In practice everyone bought, but certainly some cancelled already next morning or after returning home. Even though he presented to same “cold”, customers as we did, pulled from the street, he succeeded nearly always. BUT WHAT MADE HIM SO GOOD? The secret is in that fact, that he did not doubt even for a split second, whether someone buys or not.

He always went for his presentation tour to make a deal. He had no other options in mind. He is the toughest closer I have met personally.

There were others too. One playboy type seller at Hollywood Mirage was a legend also because he always stayed at the site only for a week and disappeared for two. But he always returned and again made the sales history for a week. His closing percent was 80. He was irresistible in many ways.

Holy Grail of SalesMASTER YOUR EMOTIONS – You really can sell to everyone and sales can be done with a good pulse, week after week and year after year! Decide ― everyone buys!

Make A Diamond!

Wisdom SunSet in Oulu Finland
INSPIRE ME AUDIO – click photo!

My elementary school teacher Mr. Niilo Jussila asked us to learn the multiplication tables so well that they flow like a river. To secure the matter Niilo emphasised that the multiplication tables must be known inside out so well that if he comes and wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks how much is five times five, the answer twenty five must come from muscle memory.

We believed Niilo and learned the multiplication tables so well from outside, that I have never forgotten them. I have succeeded to make a burn mark into my brain, which is not washed away even with red wine in later years of my life. Red wines have been my hobby since 1986, marathon running since 2008 (I completed 1st full marathon – the mission – 12.08.2012 after +2,500km and 3,5 year training).


Make A Diamond Spreaker Audio

Then how do you develop and make art from your selling? I want to remark that you cannot proceed in sales to higher levels, before you manage at least the six most essential closing methods and all the doctrines written by me like cast iron.

Practising makes a master, right? It has been proved several times in the world. Finnish runner, Paavo Nurmi ― the Flying Finn ― practised and ran all over the Globe. Juha Mieto, the Winter Olympic medals winner, skied (*) beard straight. Bruce Lee is a martial art living legend, and example of how it is done to raise to the highest level. To the top, which only few achieve. I believe in you. Rise and raise your level ― make a living legend from yourself. Start being the best in the world. Right now!

Paavo Nurmi 1924PAAVO NURMI – the Flying Finn, is a Finnish running legend ― 9 times Olympic winner from 1920–1928.

(*) Beard straight is a Finnish comic saying, when some one is trying very hard to ski or run, he could be spotted with his beard pointing straight.