The Secret WisdomTHE SECRET OF WISDOM – Your business, your startup can flowers quickly if you understand the spiral of the universe. 1-2-3-5-8-13 exponential growth like all the life does in 8 years circles. Everything starts from one, from you.

If you force the flower open prematurely, you´ll destroyed it. Same is with the startup business, too early harvesting has no substance – no exponential ´stargate´ for growth leap. Self-organizing direction, the growth withing own intelligence is super wisdom, direction which is needed when rapid growth existence is required.

When consciousness is turned within, the human mind becomes sun´s rays. The growth begins. In business all existing market info is like the outer true vibratory world, which egoic mind and knowledge can capture and seed. Lotus, the symbol of the unfolding life of each being; is your symbol of secret wisdom – the ever growing business.

STARTUP NETWORKING IMPORTANCE – Every tree, all forests have an invisible network of underground. It has more than 500 million years old covenant, which has made possible the spread of the trees and plants on the Planet Earth. Mushroom spawn is a tree-roots extension, food adder and enhancer activity. It is quite clear then that the new startup needs to establish network locally, collectively and globally. Networking should be seen as an organization and as a resource – a source of viral activity.


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