Better With Using PACT

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!A ready the very first step at the diamond–level requires fluent use and managing of PACT. The doorman at the foot of the diamond stairs will not let you pass. Remember it says on your ticket ― PACT is required to enter. It is a must.
READ THIS If you have no control, you cannot command your sales. Sales cannot be led and it does not stay in your control, if you act wrongly all the time. Be a winner, be a pro and take control with using PACT! You are the one with responsibility ― not your superior nor your customer. When you develop your knowledge through hundreds of selling attempts, it becomes a resource, a positive routine. Matters and doctrine move to soul level, which is followed by automatic, instinctive selling behaviour and action.

Motivate yourself and start proceeding to diamond level. Right now, decide to become the World´s best control keeper and user of PACT.

Now internalise, learn, practice and use PACT as many times as needed. Put on paper a journey with a time scale, of one step to another, from novice seller to diamond. Refer to it often to see where you are and to mark your progress. It is like to track of a ship crossing an ocean. Know where you have reached, and where you are going.

This control (PACT) is the base for everything. You keep the control to yourself easily and flexibly. Fall in love with PACT now. You develop as a seller and keep the control to yourself. Be always a step ahead of your customers. According to my experience I can tell that PACT is one of the most crucial methods and doctrines on earth and by using it the deals really open up.


PACT In Telesales

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!In my opinion every telemarketer should use PACT, if the goal is to make deals. There is no other way to act ― other than PACT.

I If you act without PACT, you give the control to customer and in this way a possibility to evade, to avoid, to lie and come up with any excuse. By giving control away you give a reason for why there is no time to buy, no interest, desire or possibility right now. Leave PACT undone and after satisfying the basic curiosity the customer will definitely say to you: “bye-bye!”

The deepest quagmire into which you will ever sink is creating by acting the wrong way. And if you begin to cover up your blunder, you will have to remove further, new objections. This way you never regain control of the conversation. You can only try to deal with the flow of new objections while you have the floor. At some point the customer will defeat your efforts with the satisfaction of seeing you sink below the mud, for example by invoking with a polite tone in one of the following ways:

“Can you send your offer by e-mail?”
“Call later again ― budget is spent.”
“This came so fast ― can I consider a little?”

I have stated that in Finland the use of PACT is neither very general nor the necessity of the method is sufficiently realised yet. Instead hitting the head against a wall is the trusted method.

In many companies can be witnessed that generally accepted idea, that telemarketing is a job from the most demanding part and based on that a change of a telemarketer is totally acceptable measure.

Kick one out and take another in –thinking is often in the demanding position in our country. At least the telemarketing companies have developed art from recruiting instead of developing the salesmen skills. Commanding of the recruiting is an important section, but doing the sales has to be evaluated as a primary doctrine and to develop it to the diamond–level in other words to make art from the sales.

SALES WORK Out of hand, if you don´t have control ― think control as ― no money, no honey!

Write with your own words, how to do, one or two PACT samples. It is nessesary to do so. Much easier to understand how it works after some notes!








PACT Personal Agreement Contract Together

Control Sales With PACT

ceo-markku-tauriainenWhat is the easiest method to take and to keep the control in sales? What is the most important tool of sales?
(Read very carefully pages 97-106)

Probably I have to demonstrate, what this means, so here is one chilling example about “the handshake” with the customer with the help of PACT. The dialogue (intro, advantages and benefits, if the price is suitable, lets make a deal -closing and handshake) goes like this:

“Hello, I am Markku Tauriainen and today I am showing you the holiday village of Katinkulta and 1) I will tell all the advantages and benefits of this product to You, to the best of my ability. And after that 2) we will take a look the prices, and if you are interested about it and 3) if the price seems suitable for your wallet, 4) I ask you to be a club member of the holiday resort straightaway. 5) Is that fair game or what ― Can we continue like this?” (stretch your hand and shake hands again).

In situation told above, which I went through hundreds of times while I was working in holiday-ownership business, the customers feel welcome because they get attention and the uncertainty of coming is removed.

They are not necessary willing to make contracts at this stage, but they are interested about the prices and they don´t even mind shaking hands on a sale.

The whole situation feels pleasant and normal, if You are. In other words, a good control is an act directed from the spine, learned in advance, which begins straightaway with a handshake.


My second example of using PACT differs from a normal telemarketing call. This time I call to a so-called (*) “cold customer” and take the PACT –method as a working tool:

“Hi, this is Markku Tauriainen calling from DNA, how do you do, sir? (wait answer, then speed up) How many mobiles do you have and have those all worked without problems today? 

A bold, relaxed beginning is important. Also a smiley small talk in a beginning, to which a customer always answers something to and gives the control with some words, to which I answer as follows:

“It is good that I called. I will now tell you about DNA´s top new products in three or four minutes. I will try to explain my business as well as I can, in other words I present all the (1) advantages and (2) benefits and (3) the fact how much real savings you get with my guidance. After this (4) I also tell you my best offer, so you can (5) decide whether the DNA phone contract with new NOKIA mobile phone is the right solution for you. And if it is, I will welcome you as a new DNA customer. We make an order straightaway and you join the list of satisfied customers. Is that a fair offer, or what? Can we continue like this?”

PACT is the mutual agreement between the seller and the customer as to how and when to progress the matter. For example is NOW a convenient time for me to present my offer, and for you to make an order? When you learn to use PACT fluently and with a pleasing tone in your voice, you invite your customer to dance with You, a dance in which you take the lead and the customer follows. And they love you!


Even the smallest sales pitch or presentation should not be carried out before agreeing the PACT. The more often you realise it, the faster you begin to think responsibly and professionally towards the selling done by you. A professional sells anything, but not in any way. A sales professional, uses these proven sales methods and makes an art of his selling.

(*) A cold customer is someone unknown to the seller, a first time contact.

Stop Buying Excuses

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!The wise one learns from his mistakes, the stupid one repeats them always. Have I made mistakes in my life? Yes, I have. Most have. What about you?

Do you learn from mistakes and are you able to avoid mistakes made by you? Do you have an ability not to repeat mistakes you have made.

It is surely significant to admit mistakes done and not to repeat them, or what?

To be able to agree with me about the things mentioned above, you don´t have to be sympathetic. On the contrary, that is forbidden for a seller, who attempts to go to the diamond level.

You cannot agree on everything with everyone nor to buy thoughts from your customers with the lever of your sympathy. Instead you have to particularly sell thoughts.

 – The real difference of sympathy versus empathy –

Now I will sell you the difference of sympathy and empathy with an example, you will remember as long as you live. It is quite a dirty story. But when you buy my thoughts of the difference, it will always be an advantage in your selling. So buy this doctrine 100% and never question it. If you doubt something, doubt something else ― not this one.


INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!The Golden Example of the sympathy directed to the customer in selling: A customer changes tone on his voice and confesses to you that they have a cash crisis in the company. Several bills are unpaid and the business is bad. There is no way they could buy the product or the service you are showing.

You buy the customer´s thoughts with doubt and state that you understand. At the same time you hope that it will work out better for them in the future. What happened? You bought sympathetically from the customer! Now, I will tell the sympathy story again confirmed with a little more dramatic example.

Same customer comes to you and asks you a bit aside. He confides to you and tells that he has a problem his intestines, which is why his trousers are in “genuine mud” in other words, really dirty. He asks you to pull these trousers on, so that you can state the authenticity of the problem on your own. As a sympathetic and honest seller, you pull the customer´s trousers slowly on and state that “yes they seem to feel quite disgusting”

What happened? You bought again with the help of sympathy. You bought…

Buying thoughts from customers ends now. It ends here. Never again! (repeat loudly)


INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!You look at the customer in the eyes, glance incidentally at his trousers and state:

“Robert, looks really bad, but there is no problem without a solution. Come with me and we´ll find you new clean trousers to wear and after that I will take the dirty ones to wash. We have a washing machine at the end of the corridor, which helps us to fix this problem. Besides that, you will absolutely not be charged, because I`ll lose these costs into the overhead costs of our business. Can we now check those newnesses I mentioned in the beginning?

What happened? You sold, you didn´t buy! You were being empathic!


INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!A customer changes the tone of his voice and confesses to you that they have a cash crisis in the company. Several bills have flowed to the accounts department and the business is bad. There is no way they could buy the product or the service you are showing. He looks into your eyes and waits for your sympathetic approval like one condemned to death on the way towards to the scaffold.


The Sales situation ― example continues and you say to customer:

”Robert, often situations look a little worse, than they are in reality. The people tend to dramatize situations, which usually leads to even worse results. As an outsider I have noticed that the products and services of your company are good, actually really competitive and innovative. However, the advertising and marketing world has changed considerably in my opinion. The focus of your company is really flat. Therefore, you should absolutely tell about your services to our customers with our new advertising tool. It brings you new customers and the turnover you want. You benefit from it in many ways.”

“Robert, if I could arrange you a term of payment longer than normal, which is suitable for your situation, you would be ready to make an order from our new media space today, wouldn´t you? With it´s help, a long term advertising benefit to your company is achieved and then there is at least one worry less and the basics are in order.“

“With which terms of agreement do you want to make an order with? with one or with three years agreement?”

Then You just ZIP IT right here!

What happened? You were just being empathic.

You understood the customers worries, but didn´t buy his thoughts. You offered a genuine advantage and benefit as a solution and also an alternative closing method to facilitate the decision making. Or do you still want to buy the customer´s dirty pants?

Make your life easy and visualize your selling situations so that all the objections, taking control and explanations given by the customer are pants and even so dirty that you simply cannot buy them. Your pant quota is full. You cannot wash anymore explanations, because your washing machine is broken. Do not buy your customer´s thoughts!

In Finland at least, with our long cold winters, we suffer many sicknesses and viruses, which affect our ability to be effective sellers. We repeat mistakes in selling despite learning lessons from past experiences.

Perhaps I didn´t say my subject in an interesting enough and funny way for you to experience pleasure which would lighten up your everyday life. But at least, we can agree on the fact that more orders and deals will be made by planning if we are more empathic as a seller and we do it in the right way ― stop buying “the dirty pants” from the customers, or what?


Learn Life, Read Books

Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenNext I tell you about a source from which over 15 million people (sellers) have drawn doctrines and secrets of genuine customer interest. You find advice which is worth gold from a book called How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

I would like to encourage you very much to buy and read this book of Dale Carnegie ― it is my humble recommendation. Invest in knowledge and buy this classic book. A used paperback can be purchased at low cost at Amazon internet book store.

MORE KNOW-HOW can be found from the book of Augustine ”Og” Mandino. He was an American author (1923 – 1996), who wrote the bestselling book ”The Greatest Salesman in the World”. His favourite thoughts are: “I´m not a sheep, who waits for answers from above. I am a lion. I refuse to talk, to walk and to sleep with sheep… as long as I live.”

Og Mandino is the master of trainers, who values the development of a human as a whole with his own thoughts.

A human has to realise his defects and look for a solution to heal. Writing of books and reading is a way of trying.

Think about sports. To be able to learn to hit a golf ball you have to train. You need hundreds of successful hits, which register to your brain and to your muscle memory. From memory the movement can be repeated successfully in three-dimentional space. If you don´t have enough successful performances, you miss-hit. The same applies also in selling. You need to practice selling to be able to keep the control yourself. Control can be kept or taken over easily with the help of PACT. I will tell you about this extremely efficient selling tool next.

CODE Find a secret code from the text of this book and get your own paperback copy with author´s original number signature as a gift! What is the secret code? Tell me =)