PACT In Telesales

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!In my opinion every telemarketer should use PACT, if the goal is to make deals. There is no other way to act ― other than PACT.

I If you act without PACT, you give the control to customer and in this way a possibility to evade, to avoid, to lie and come up with any excuse. By giving control away you give a reason for why there is no time to buy, no interest, desire or possibility right now. Leave PACT undone and after satisfying the basic curiosity the customer will definitely say to you: “bye-bye!”

The deepest quagmire into which you will ever sink is creating by acting the wrong way. And if you begin to cover up your blunder, you will have to remove further, new objections. This way you never regain control of the conversation. You can only try to deal with the flow of new objections while you have the floor. At some point the customer will defeat your efforts with the satisfaction of seeing you sink below the mud, for example by invoking with a polite tone in one of the following ways:

“Can you send your offer by e-mail?”
“Call later again ― budget is spent.”
“This came so fast ― can I consider a little?”

I have stated that in Finland the use of PACT is neither very general nor the necessity of the method is sufficiently realised yet. Instead hitting the head against a wall is the trusted method.

In many companies can be witnessed that generally accepted idea, that telemarketing is a job from the most demanding part and based on that a change of a telemarketer is totally acceptable measure.

Kick one out and take another in –thinking is often in the demanding position in our country. At least the telemarketing companies have developed art from recruiting instead of developing the salesmen skills. Commanding of the recruiting is an important section, but doing the sales has to be evaluated as a primary doctrine and to develop it to the diamond–level in other words to make art from the sales.

SALES WORK Out of hand, if you don´t have control ― think control as ― no money, no honey!

Write with your own words, how to do, one or two PACT samples. It is nessesary to do so. Much easier to understand how it works after some notes!








PACT Personal Agreement Contract Together


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