Control Sales With PACT

ceo-markku-tauriainenWhat is the easiest method to take and to keep the control in sales? What is the most important tool of sales?
(Read very carefully pages 97-106)

Probably I have to demonstrate, what this means, so here is one chilling example about “the handshake” with the customer with the help of PACT. The dialogue (intro, advantages and benefits, if the price is suitable, lets make a deal -closing and handshake) goes like this:

“Hello, I am Markku Tauriainen and today I am showing you the holiday village of Katinkulta and 1) I will tell all the advantages and benefits of this product to You, to the best of my ability. And after that 2) we will take a look the prices, and if you are interested about it and 3) if the price seems suitable for your wallet, 4) I ask you to be a club member of the holiday resort straightaway. 5) Is that fair game or what ― Can we continue like this?” (stretch your hand and shake hands again).

In situation told above, which I went through hundreds of times while I was working in holiday-ownership business, the customers feel welcome because they get attention and the uncertainty of coming is removed.

They are not necessary willing to make contracts at this stage, but they are interested about the prices and they don´t even mind shaking hands on a sale.

The whole situation feels pleasant and normal, if You are. In other words, a good control is an act directed from the spine, learned in advance, which begins straightaway with a handshake.


My second example of using PACT differs from a normal telemarketing call. This time I call to a so-called (*) “cold customer” and take the PACT –method as a working tool:

“Hi, this is Markku Tauriainen calling from DNA, how do you do, sir? (wait answer, then speed up) How many mobiles do you have and have those all worked without problems today? 

A bold, relaxed beginning is important. Also a smiley small talk in a beginning, to which a customer always answers something to and gives the control with some words, to which I answer as follows:

“It is good that I called. I will now tell you about DNA´s top new products in three or four minutes. I will try to explain my business as well as I can, in other words I present all the (1) advantages and (2) benefits and (3) the fact how much real savings you get with my guidance. After this (4) I also tell you my best offer, so you can (5) decide whether the DNA phone contract with new NOKIA mobile phone is the right solution for you. And if it is, I will welcome you as a new DNA customer. We make an order straightaway and you join the list of satisfied customers. Is that a fair offer, or what? Can we continue like this?”

PACT is the mutual agreement between the seller and the customer as to how and when to progress the matter. For example is NOW a convenient time for me to present my offer, and for you to make an order? When you learn to use PACT fluently and with a pleasing tone in your voice, you invite your customer to dance with You, a dance in which you take the lead and the customer follows. And they love you!


Even the smallest sales pitch or presentation should not be carried out before agreeing the PACT. The more often you realise it, the faster you begin to think responsibly and professionally towards the selling done by you. A professional sells anything, but not in any way. A sales professional, uses these proven sales methods and makes an art of his selling.

(*) A cold customer is someone unknown to the seller, a first time contact.


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