Appropriate Sales Tactics

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!A good seller knows how to price the products and services. With pricing I don´t mean writing the price tags, but disclosing of the price to the customer at the right place and and at the right time. Pricing done correctly increases the amount of deals in a crucial way. You get to a right timing of pricing by thinking every selling situation as a totality, in which you always try to proceed according to the same basic diagram. Without forgetting the customer himself and from what he is interested in and what wants to talk about.

All business in which a sales person is used, repeats the same basic diagram. Same questions are asked in telesales, face-to-face sales meetings and in shop– and exhibition sales. The basic formula is repeated “in the hands of a skillful seller”, even though contents and length can change according to the situation. 

The best, ”roughly salted salmon” is created with the following sales extracts:

1) Intro – Cheerful introductions and small talk
2) Getting to know – charting stage (survey)
3) Discussion about the product – introduction stage
4) Closing, deciding the deal – order stage
5) Repetition–manuals to a customer–stage You cannot close deals successfully if you do not follow the basic diagram demonstrated above by me. Keep in mind, that a seller who is not interested in his customer nor makes the charting is a stretchener and an assumer. The worst short cutter even “vomits” sales arguments to the customer.

A.S.V. = Assumes, shortcuts and vomits. 

  You cannot close deals if you cannot price correctly and at the right time. So lets roll up our sleeves and make things clear! After you have charted your customer´s needs and buying behavior chance to explain his needs and requirements he has opened the emotional “hot spots” of his brain. Pushing those you easily move on to the final, in other words to a deal. You show an easy solution to your customer and you do it in easy words which he understands, which makes him experience pleasure. You are in the comfort zone of your customers brain.

You make deals by presenting the price clearly. With pricing done correctly a big papillon–butterfly is always released from hands to the air to wake up the interest first.

Once the interest is aroused the control is taken and a customer is basically led to the pricing table, in which the price is presented suggestively simply, with clear numbers. The deal is closed. The product IS NOT presented at this stage anymore. If you mistake to ask an open question such as, for example:

”How does the price feel like to you?”

In the final straight, you begin to unpack the backpack you packed together and you will ”torpedo” the changes to close the deal.


You have shown a flat to your customer and the pricing stage approaches. Before the pricing, you throw the butterfly (the Papillion) in the air by presenting a question:

“At which price do you think that the apartment is to be sold?”
“Is it 1,300€/m2, 1,700€/m2 or 1,800€/m2?”

Usually a surprised customer is not able to form the right price image fast, so you can help him by saying lets go and have a look. In other words, you direct him to the pricing table. If a customer is able to answer, he very rarely dares to choose the lowest price alternative.

The use of a butterfly is strategically important because with it a customer is prepared for the deal making. If the price is not bloated nor the butterfly is used, customer only
wants to know the price and vanish with it. So the pricing is always preceded by the preparation of the matter. Every time.

After this ― once a big and beautiful butterfly has fluttered in front of the eyes long enough ― comes a momentum when the pricing is started. At this stage also you have to get a bit serious. You take things carefully, casually and energetically with the right weight value. Once you have acted right, you have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled your customers interest in the price and product.

For making a deal right now to close it on a knife-edge.

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INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!EXAMPLE OF PRESENTING THE PRICE – Selling price should be presented last. The price is always the endpoint of the presentation, in other words the climax…