Sell Benefits Only

ceo-markku-tauriainenGolden grain is always worth picking, when it comes your way. Once you learn to sell only advantages and benefits to your customers, your pockets are always full of nuggets. When your pockets are full of gold (advantages and benefits) there are always friends, even to share with others.

Next I tell you about selling advantages and benefits with a beautician example.

You can complete a beautician education for example in Oulu cosmetologist school, in which a wide vocational education in the field of treatments is given to the students. Based on my information there is no time for a proper selling teaching. However, beauticians are expected to have professional skills in selling of treatments and products immediately after the working life begins.

Definitely a wrong way to act in masseur´s, hairdresser´s and beautician´s selling is to demonstrate and to tell to the customer about different jars (beauty products) with its price.

“This is good product, this does this, that and it, you could buy also this one, and hey… I forgot to tell one thing about this product…”

Among the sellers this kind of way to act is called an argument vomit. If the action mentioned above is strengthened with advertisements and offers, it is a question of push–press–marketing. A blunder at the cardinal level in sales is a model of three words: to assume, to shortcut and to vomit.

The right way to act is to sell only and nothing more than advantages and benefits, to tell about them in a simple and understandable way.

Also a beautician can make a PACT in the beginning and take over the situation. I lighten up the situation with an example.

“Hello, I am Helena, your beautician during the following 50 minutes. Welcome ― Great to have you as a customer. I saw that a facial have being booked for you a week ago …good!”

“At first I want to tell you that 1) I carry out the treatments in that next room and 2) I go first through the matters about the treatments, 3) making a few questions to identify your starting point. 4) During the treatment you get face care instructions; advice on what kinds of product are worth using and how often your skin needs treatments. 5) In the end we take a look at the products suitable for you from our sales selection and 6) we can book new treatment times to make your face permanently beautiful. Does this kind of procedure suit you?”

By doing so, beautician Helena is having control over the next 65 minutes. All the way to checkout and the customer knows exactly what will happen. The customer can relax.

In the above example, the PACT would not be correct PACT, if the last question would be left undone. In addition, the real hand-agreement together must be done, and customer needs to shake hands with you again before the next step.

Subsequently, cosmetology sales can begin. All happens during the treatment. Helena is now a beautician to the occasion as the seller and the necessary half step ahead of the customer. All the time.

During treatment, beautician Helena says based on the findings and insights gathered, for customer as a beauty-professional: 1) your skin is dry (or oily) 2) recommends a series of five treatments at a weekly intervals 3) and in addition, she stresses that the skin should be treated the same way as now 4) with the right original cosmetic 5) to have the desired results between beauty centre visits and home care ― All these are crucial and gives really stable, good results. Helena continues:

“Your skin improves, you become more beautiful, life becomes in all respects for the better.”

The beautician may also tell anonymous genuine examples of cases where it has yielded significant results (benefits and interest) for customers ― detailed examples of treatments that facilitate the quantity and the products used.

Acting this way beautician – Helena sells only benefits and advantages. Shows genuine interest on her customer and to their skin, offering also solutions to their problems. Helena does the work from her heart, tells benefits personally.

Following the right path, she doesn´t have to ask even once to buy something. A customer is only offered real benefits and advantages instead of product focused bubbling.

“Lets have a look at the calendar for two weeks’ time… Would the further treatment be suitable for you on Wednesday at 17:30? Or is Thursday better day for you?”

Advantages and benefits must be told to a customer. As a seller you have to focus on this matter. Everything else is irrelevant and insignificant in today´s busy world.
Benefits cannot be thrown in bulk to the table in whatever order. Advantages and benefits have to be told individually based on customers needs, which become clear with the identifying, open questions.

Force yourself to this kind of simplified thinking. It is a huge advantage for you as a seller. This way of thinking changes you to act a seller and as a provider of advantages and benefits. You start to become genuinely interested in your customer benefit point of view and you are really able to help your customers. You facilitate their lives with the products and services sold by you.

Based on my selling experience for over 30 years I can say that in selling the best know-how is a simple and clear act.

And still so that when your mouth opens, you only tell advantages and benefits. You succeed as a seller, when you internalise this all the way to your backbone.

Have you noticed that customers often ask themselves out loud: “What is there for me?” (customer thinking out loud what benefit from this product they will get)

CRUCIAL INFORMATION Do only what your customers want and what they are willing to pay for―nothing more! Remember to sell advantages and benefits only.