You Always Know Where You Are Coming From

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1If you don´t know where you are going to, you certainly know where you are coming from. It is extremely easy to repeat you strengths and your experience of life. Our own past events glide naturally from our memory.

I have done it, this and that. Why? Everyone loves to talk about themselves. What has been experienced and lived exists. It can be recalled from memory.
Intentions have not happened yet but can be written down. If the important things related to work can be listed, they can also be repeated and analysed, ones the are on paper.

The visualisation is perceiving the future. Remember: If you experience uncertainty about the future, sit down and start writing things on paper.
Ask yourself, what is expected and required from you. How have the others done in a similar situation? They did not always know where they were going to either, but everyone knows where they are coming from.

The real winner always sees the wood for the trees. The fact that you are here, and here right now has its meaning. Also that you are reading this book. You have to realise that success is possible, when you take one step at a time. It is possible when your whole body, your cells, your essence and your inner voice start to tell you that you will do things which you have to do. You are enlightened. You begin to develop as a person and a seller.

ENLIGHTENED MANTRA – I will read this ´Inspire Me –book´ daily. Again and again. It is very meaningful to me. I will use it as a tool. I will grow as a person!