Bruce LeeRight now, as I am writing this book, I feel most alive. All the matters seem significant and strong. First book is like a firstborn child: It had been expected to come and the feeling is splendid, when it is now created. Achievements raise my mind ― always.

I have nailed part of my feelings and soul to this book, which I have cleared with hard work and struggle. I believe in reincarnation, that clear and pure soul is eternal and able to return on earth to help you ― to fight with you in life and in sales. Also you can be a soul, which gets to be the seller´s diamond, samurai-fighter like Miyamoto Musashi was in his times. A diamond, which shines clear in the sky and will reincarnate again and again.

Inevitably someday that moment will dawn, when my body collapses and will switch from time to eternity. My body and my mind will run out, but my will never will. It lives forever. This way I have decided.

Don´t you neither give in ― never! When your heart burns with real flame, it carries from here to eternity, to the sellers heaven. Remember that in incarnation the soul always returns to help that seller, who raises his sword, receives the challenge and starts to grind his own diamond. Hard work brings results ― you get nothing for free. Prove that you are one of the best. Light up to be a diamond in sellers sky. I will go in front and fight on your behalf up till the end. You can trust on that.

Inspire Me Markku TauriainenAs I was writing this book I worked as an ordinary telemarketer in the front line of Call Center and I received customer´s explanations and objections for three months. I lived, fought and won. How did I succeed in demanding ´cold call´ telemarketing? I became ― number 1 ― Finland´s best telemarketer of Nokia mobilephones in 2009.

I won the Nokia competition, which lasted for two months. Hundreds of colleagues was left behind. In the age of 48.

Once again I won myself by receiving the challenge. I made the sales history and broke my own records and records made. I do not remember anymore how often I have done that during my life, but reaching goals has always been rewarding. Also you should get inspired by sales and making of sales. Be good, and it is possible to become better.

CALL ME – the next book – I write all of the best and juiciest explanations, complaints and objections I have heard from customers, so that we can identify with all of those. Why? Therefore that we could walk over them and still develop as a seller. I write the instructions for suppressing the most general objections with good 2000´s examples. Step in to the next level and learn how to decide, to close deals. Closing is everything – art of selling!

ChagallThe life is a short period of time, certainly under one hundred years – the soul, your inspiri is evian – lux aeterna – and your honour, perennnial it is.

If there is a will, there is a way.

So – Rise The Knight – once again. Find your purpose and mission. Awhile you are here, listen your inner voice. Find it.

Wishing you Happy Halloween!

All the best, -MT =)


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