INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1Every human wants to seek for the truth in their lives ― to promote the emergence of good things. Thoughts grow deep inside. But where does that real war winning spirit grow from, which prevents our mind from giving up? A kind of attitude, like the one which keeps us going in sport while the others suffer lactic acid in their legs and unconsciousness come close.

  Where is that attitude, will and knowledge created, which makes us bring home the victory, especially when no one else believes in it anymore? To be able to reach the perfect concentration and will state, you must first profoundly think about your body and mind. To answer to Yourself…


–What do I really want to achieve during my life?

–Who do I want to be in the long term?

–And what about short term, near future?

–Am I telling the truth as a seller?

–Do I connect with, and respect the customer at all levels?

–What can I do to make a real difference to my customer, community, and to mankind in general?

–Will I be productive?

–Will I reach my potential as a human?

  Perseverance grows and wells up from deep inside, as I stated at the first two parts of my book. Also the environment affects what you already know if you have read attentively. We also build thoughts in our subconsciousness, for example during the night when we are sleeping. How do we grow as seller and as human? It is significant. No one can lose weight or eat for another, things have to be started on our own, with a hard, final attitude.


Grow Your Attitude

Markku 13.12.2012Samurais are assumed to fight until death for their master. It is respectable to die fighting and not to give in. According to the ´samurais´ doctrines a human life is short and limited but honour eternal. It is an honour to die in a fight, but capitulation is a huge shame. If there is no other possibility it is better to make the orthodox ´hara-kiri´ to enable the soul to make the transition to the other side.

Samurai  Samurai dogma is that the human soul is in the stomach. This easily leads us to a thought that the stronger your stomach is internally and externally the stronger your soul and mind are. One of the five main hormones, Leptin, lives in your stomach.


  The old phrase “a healthy soul in a healthy body” is most probably true, isn´t it?

  Good physical health gives you more ability to concentrate, focus and have the best attitude. Build a temple from your body and soul. Physically twist your middle section and intestines to the ultimate condition! Grow up to be the samurai of your mind and thoughts. Prepare yourself for long steps towards success. Now they are available. Take strides which make you grow ― rise to the heights!

  Develop your attitude and do something today in favour of your body and mind. Walking in fresh air exercises not only your body, but as a matter of fact it grows your real attitude. In the end you can reward yourself with fresh water and a healthy meal. Grow Your attitude!

Valley Of Mind And Will

Markku 13.12.2012I´ve led you to a place and time, where the real achievements are built. Before beginning or re-writing your success story, we must first deal with and understand deeply the beauty of giving up. Then let it go ― FOR GOOD! Giving up must end right here, right now!

 You´ve come to the most important cross–roads on your life path to LIGHT, to a gorgeous sunlight ― 朝日― ASAHI! You´ve come to a crossroads where you take a step towards your will power and it´s strengthening. You make a decision and start walking purposefully, step by step, in a direction that makes you stronger and leads you to success.

  Your steps are strong and you will never turn back on your heels to hesitate, to make excuses and pretexts to give up. Certainly your mind may sometimes wander and revert to the past, then you need to take the wheel and steer the new course manually. What do I achieve by hesitating or giving up? Read it from the following lines.



– Self–respect decreases

– Dissatifaction increases and you hate yourself more

– Dreams built by your subconscious break down

– Loss of forward power and momentum

– You no longer feel productive in your life

– You cannot experience a joy of life

– You make yourself a failure, a loser

  Basically no one wants to be a loser or a failure. Do you? I don´t believe you do. It can no longer be your path. So get inspired by yourself and continue in the direction shown by your willpower.

  When your mind wanders, realize that failures and losers are looking for company to befriend and console each other. So is your mind. So, choose your company and thoughts carefully. Stop giving up immediately today and never give room for bad thoughts again.

Markku Tauriainen FinlandNOTE You are only allowed to give up bad thoughts ― It has to be done immediately! One bad apple spoils a whole basket of apples. This is true both in the brain and at the sales office. Moreover, a apple a day keeps the doctor away ― it is your choice!


Bruce LeeBRUCE LEE QUOTEEmpty your mind, be formless and shapeless like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.”

Stop Giving Up

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1We humans, we all are more or less soft, self–indulgent and prone to laziness. You have to admit this fact. But don´t You never accept it, not even with a shade of humour ― NEVER!

  When we are unconscious as to what we eat and drink, we are self–indulgent to please the brain, then the mind and body drifts away from any performance. It is the junk food and junk drink culture which is a trap and an addiction. Fat, salt, sugar and alcohol stuffed in your mouth are not good, healthy nutrition for your body nor for your mind.

  Remember that the path of reasonableness and decent nutrition is the beginning for everything good. When you command your mind and your five hormones, you are able to experience unique pleasure for example from yogurt, berries, salad, even from water.

  Humans have a brain also in the stomach because of hormones and bacteria in the intestines. The intestines and stomach are a small part of the unique wholeness of the human being. There live about 250 bacteria in our intestines of which about half are good and half are bad. When you eat pizza, hamburgers, breads and baguettes and pour beer into you throat, you encourage bad bacteria to grow, as it needs reinforcements to deal with the excesses of white sugars and carbohydrates contained in the junk foods. If you do not command your stomach, you cannot command your mind and vice versa. These excesses prevent the foundation stones of a healthy life, the optimum balance of good bacteria to break down the food.

  Command your mind and eat healthily. If there is no other way to control your life, start writing a diary about every single thing you put into your mouth. When you write down everything you eat and drink, you are able to start analyzing your situation.

  You change your mind and your life by changing your diet. And once you command your mind, you may start building up a new beginning, your new future. All things are connected with willpower, which wells up from within yourself. Your mind and your thoughts, everything you do and breathe ― is part of you and of your will, including your cells.

  When you take charge of the situation, a change starts to happen in few weeks, in eight weeks for sure. Acting like this leads you to a new crossroads in your life path, where the signpost says with big letters:


CHOOSE the right path and start your journey!

I Can, I Cannot

Markku 13.12.2012To be able to develop as person (or seller) you have to discontinue groping in the dark and looking in the rear view mirrors. Looking backwards during the change process, that is the mind flowing back to the starting point. Subconsciously it means giving yourself the permission to be self-indulgent.

Concentrating, keeping focus tightly on the goals is the key to success. More of that later in this book. First “we” have to correct your conscious and subconscious mind, your own suggestive power. The diamond is in you, your inner resource.

  As a seller, your have to create your own willpower. I cannot do it for you, but I can help you on your way. Believe your own mind and what it says to You. I can do it. I want to do it!”

  Practicing the concept is not difficult; on the contrary it is easy ― You can do it! You can speed up by watching a YouTube video from a link …video is removed, you might wanna try this one instead

  The video is called the 300 Video for the new year ChosonNinja it has been watched altogether over 750,000 times. Free body-and-mind-control videos made by a Californian policeman, born in south Korea, are found in the address mentioned above.

  The video contains music of Nocturne, which promotes concentration and calms the mind. ChosonNinja asks the viewer to think, to concentrate and to meditate thoughts. In principle, every decision is a question of the choice of mind: I CAN, I CAN NOT. I like to remind you that both answers are your choices, you made.

  Tina Turner separated from her violent husband, Ike Turner by turning to Buddhism and by meditating daily, for example by repeating the mantra: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

  After that she made history as a solo artist without Ike, based on her own thoughts and energy.

  Thoughts really are our biggest resources amongst writing and speaking. It is useful to select the thoughts you are thinking. Thoughts need to be worked on and put on paper. More of this later on.

  At first decide that you can: I CAN.

  These thoughts are not based on “talk is cheap” –promises done in a bar over a pint, but on strong bonds made with the internal mind. These are forged to memory by writing from the heart and mind on paper. Furthermore, they are shared by telling to your friends and acquaintances.

  So make a public promise, Your Public Statement. The publication of your goals makes them irreversible. This way you cannot give up or back off, at least not too easily. Goal Setting is Goal Getting and means the same as reaching them. If you have no goals, you cannot ever achieve them. It is better to have at least small goals than to have no goals at all. I would like to ask a question… ”When was the last time You made written goals and viewed them again? Keep it short and direct!”


  Writing your goals on paper is central. More about it also in the chapter Monitor Your Sales (page 63). Start immediately by writing down a few future goals in your life with short notes. Use the blank page opposite. There is no better place or time to do it ― Do it now! You can, I can!

CHALLENGE is a general term referring to things that have a sense of difficulty and victory. Don´t let the past dictate Your present. Don´t worry about the future. Challenge Your mind and willpower strongly ― be a winner!

Try to write on paper these simplified easy targets, your own goals.


For example in Business, Money, Health, Relationships, Family, Travel, Sport

Where do I want to be in one year´s time?


For example in Business, Money, Health, Relationships, Family, Travel, Sport

Where do I want to be in 5 or 10 year´s time?

Change Your Life

Markku 13.12.2012If you really want to achieve something in your life, you need a change. When a person perceives unpleasant things in his life, he starts subconsciously to seek ways out, and methods to a change. Direction becomes a desire. Then what we really, really want can be achieved, but only by changing things. Permanent changes always require manual control, not using the autopilot, so that the wind will stay in the sails and you stay on course. When overcoming your greatest challenges, you have to trim the sails correctly – then You will become a winner! Win and reach your goals with permanent changes.

Changes are always for good ― it is necessary to change and adapt, as standing still is actually going backwards. It´s better to try and fail than to regret and see life passing you by. Only today counts. Make it worth living!

Start to live now and make the changes in your lifestyle today. Give wings to your personal growth, which you haven´t seen yet. It is important to stop repeating the same mistakes and wake up to a new beginning. Identify all your bad habits, manners and pitfalls into which you can lapse. So take responsibility for change. Sail with your hand on the wheel through the situations of life. If anyone, you should know which things you can leave undone to achieve the change. Everyone can, it will be proven in this book.

MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE – Stop fretting and start growing. Life is a unique gift. It´s been given to all of us. Reaching your goals can be done only by doing things which are right and developing. Making the change now is necessary.


Inspire Yourself

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1Now, start your journey as a seller and as a person. I began my journey before Christmas 1972 by selling post cards door-to-door. Now I´m 50 years old, with unique experience over 30 years.

   As a 45 year old man, in 2007, I was dissatisfied with my life. As I looked at the former paratrooper in the mirror, I knew that I had to make changes. The voice within was so powerful, that I started to seek ways for a true change of lifestyle. And as they say…

If there is a will, there is a way!

   With my willpower I was lucky to get rid of my excess weight and anti–hypertension drugs which I had been continually (perennially) swallowing for more than six years. As I´m writing, in spring 2009, I´ve done physical training for two years, given seven…

   Blood donations and run a half marathon. Now in 2011, when editing and translating the English version, the physical training has continued and number of blood donations has risen. I´m about to run my first full marathon in Athens, Greece. Read my journey at Markku Tauriainen´s Blog.

   Willpower is everything, if you want to succeed and grow as a person ― overcome the challenges, set and achieve goals. Then man can write in stone proving his work ethic and the importance of willpower.

   Olympic winners ― Willpower´s big Finnish names are: Paavo Nurmi, 1920–1928, Lasse Viren, 1972–1976, Juha Mieto, 1976–1984, Seppo Räty 1988–1992, Janne Ahonen 2002-2006. Veikka Gustafsson, is the world´s greatest mountaineer. There are others… yours in your country:

Level your mind with them ― be one of them!”

Paavo Johannes Nurmi was a Finnish runner (13 June 1897 – 2 October 1973). Nurmi won a total of nine gold and three silver medals in the 12 events in which he competed at the Olympic Games from 1920 to 1928. In 1932, Nurmi was unable to compete at the Olympics, as he had received money for his running and was thus considered a professional. Paavo Nurmi photo: “The Flying Finn” Paris 1924