Englishmen are specialised in using TAKEAWAY CLOSING –method (my subjective idea). Use of it is, for some reason pleasant for them or they are simply ahead of us in closing culture. Joking apart, TAKE AWAY –closing is actually the most effective closing method, but use it only after the other five methods fail, especially for difficult customers.

It´s effect is based on utilising negative feelings as a promoter of deals. A buyer is consciously teased with a style:

“This is not for you. You cannot afford this etc.”

TAKE AWAY –method is only based on taking away something and frightening someone with it ― to shake their mind. I ask you to compare the matter with a big sweet bag given to a child. What happens, when you rudely take a sweet bag away when a child is just about to open it, and say that you have not been kind enough? You are not going to get a sweet bag, and it will not be discussed. Just right. Shouting starts and a desire to get sweets doubles, triples even quadruples. The desire grows and sense decreases. Customer can be manipulated.

As we stated already in the FEAR OF LOSING -part, fear and hatred are the strongest emotions of a human. Do you know how to utilise them? Use them as a revolver? DEMANDAs we notice, when art is made from selling, the professional demands of the seller grows.


A) You present our 100 % mortgage and sell it to your customer Mark like this:

“Well, Mark. Here is our loan offer. Loan amount of 155,000 € with a fixed interest of 3.75 percent, in which the real estate found by you goes as a loan security of 75 percent and the remaining twenty five 25 percent of loan security can be arranged to the real estate as guarantee of an insurance company, but that I still have to check from my superior”.

At this state you leave the table to meet your superior (or/and kick a box behind a corner for a couple of minutes) and return to the negotiation table with unpleasant news:

“Mark, I have a some bad news. 100% loan is already removed from our product range because of a sudden change in the general economic situation, (TAKEAWAY) and obviously it is this way with mortgages in every bank.”

Now customer Mark experiences strong feelings of disappointment, because he had already made a decision on taking the loan, but wanted to negotiate the interest to a lower level. In reality the seller has taken the rug from under his feet and controls the situation strongly. The customer is now quite a ripe fruit to be picked ― at the best interest rate, if he only gets financing, he wants to buy!

TAKEAWAY CLOSING –method works also when selling a mortgage, when a customer could be compared to a big, tired salmon, which floats on it’s side towards the boat, however concentrating on the last twitch, which would break the line.

Due to the situation, the seller continues intensifying the method with a new strong IF I COULD, YOU WOULD, WOULDN´T YOU, MARK –hook iron, with which the tired, big salmon is hooked to the boat permanently.

Markku Tauriainen Finland

HOOK IRON -METHOD – If I could, you would, wouldn´t you? – the strongest easiest way to close deals – that I will tell you in the next chapter of Inspire Me – stay tuned =)