Wise Old People

Inspire Me Diamond 2013Every human develops during his life. The best hints and wisdom are diamonds in the people´s pockets. Someone has already found and collected them. You only have to ask and be interested in the time and the moment, which you get with your customer.

Often older people have pockets full of diamonds ― all kinds of diamonds. It is worth being interested about them.

One young, successful male seller I met in telemarketing was specialised in food and pastry recipes. He told me that old people are gold mines of recipes. They have developed them for years. When you show genuine interest, they reveal the recipes of their best tidbits and delicacies. You can make a deal and get recipe hints as well.

And when you are holding a new diamond you are more powerful as a seller when you pass their experiences on to other customers.

Do not belittle old people. They have pockets full of diamonds, wisdoms, which you get by showing genuine interest in the work they have done. Do not think negatively about any living creature.

Life is around you. Also experiences and wisdoms. When someone tells you secrets and advices of sales, receive them. When you get to total flood, matters will glide to your thoughts like music. In my opinion, one song which brings pleasure is Frankie Valley´s Can´t Take My Eyes off You, which was also played in film The Deer Hunter. Listen the song often, and you get to good mood from it and you get to the highway of enthusiasm. Do not take your eyes off sales! Make Sales, Sales, Sales!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WISDOM – Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.


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