INSPIRE ME Readers From 105 Countries – Awesome!

INSPIRE ME readers from 105 countries for Markku TauriainenINSPIRE ME -book readers are now from 105 countries!

The world´s best speaker still is, early Roman times layer Markus Tullius Cicero who´s golden words are:

“The people love the speaker, whose words and thoughts can be considered as own words – but they hate the obvious, selfstanding narrators.”

I started to share INSPIRE ME -book ´One Chapter At The Time´ at the Christmas of 2012. Since that, every little chapter have conquer more readers round the world – in fact the 100 milestone have broken already – we are reading inspiring thoughts in 105 countries, which is absolutely awesome!

Please, share more – every country is a new possibility to gain more good thoughts for your friends and people who like to challenge themself. All this have inspired me to rise more – I have started to plan to open yearly Tauri Challenge Run -event in Mijas, Spain where people can run under 1 hour uphill run and challenge themselves greatly – rise above normal, rice above the packet. Stay tuned, there is more to come. Olympic runner Lasse Virén used to train on these same hills, which we have conquer allready several times (last time 07yh of September 2013, during Feria Mijas).


Markku Tauriainen

Author, Entrepreneur

Special thanks to readers from these countries

Finland, Taiwan, United China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russian, Turkey, Indonesia, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Uruguay, Ecuador, United , Arab Emirates, Austria, Sweden, Colombia, Philippines, Chile, Viet Nam, Romania, Venezuela, Switzerland, Denmark, Zambia, Poland, Hungary, Macao, Israel, Croatia, Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iceland, Peru, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Algeria, Moldova, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Dominican, Panama, Cyprus, Costa, South, Estonia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ireland, Ukraine, Malta, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Guatemala, French Guiana, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bahrain, Armenia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Latvia, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda, Monaco, Belarus, Slovakia, Albania, Maldives, Åland Islands, Jersey, Benin, Saint, Luxembourg, Namibia, Lebanon


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