To Selling Directly From Club Sauna

sauna signMy selling from the sauna example is from the spring of 1989 in Tenerife. The holiday resort sold by me was about to close and therefore potential customers were rare.

I was the last season seller in the Regency Club Tenerife and I was waiting to get to make deals. However, I wanted to go to the sauna and to the swimming pool to refresh, so I agreed with the reception that when Finns arrive to the house, she directs them to the lobby bar, in which she offers them drinks and asks them to wait for a holiday resort presenter. I also asked to tell that I would be ready in about ten minutes notice.

What happened when the customers arrived? My closing percent rose dramatically, because I was especially peaceful, clean and in a good mood. I told my customers that I had been in the sauna and enjoying the delights of our club. The mood also took them, when they began to think of Regency Club as their own holiday place. I was able to survey their needs for a holiday better and a friendship was formed between us, which is in fashion again during this twitter-, facebook- and social media time.

saunavihtaSauna had a huge significance in the spring of 1989. I used the situation as an advantage and utilised my shower fresh thoughts!

In the following I guide you to the path, which leads to the island of the Pacific, to its white beaches and to shade of the swaying palms. It leads to the pleasure centre of brain, which can be opened only with emotional words, so that Hawaii is reached immediately. Amen to that!


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