Knowledge Or Wisdom

Markku Tauriainen FinlandLife is a wholeness, in which learning from mistakes is important. Life has great purpose, a meaning.

Without failures you cannot get to be the actual holder of life experiences. According to studies, experimental, experienced life raises knowledge in the brain cells of a human, which he can use in evaluating difficult situations, which require a solution. Do not pass by this knowledge.

An experienced human can make a wider assessment fast. In this sense it is also important to fail, not to be afraid of the future. It is worth being courageous and to step in to new challenges, in real situations. Only by experiencing different matters one can be trained to be successful in sales and in life.

It has been said that acquired properties do not descend the  generations. However, it has been shown in the latest studies that the genome of a human changes if and when he experiences difficulties in his life. A human changes, when he reaches an economically independent position. There was an article in The Finnish Science Illustrated with a heading:

Are we guards of our own gene bank?

The article touched on the studies of (*) “pass out genes” carried out at the Universities of Liverpool (England) and Uppsala (Sweden), which proved that experiences of one generation had the effect of changed genes in a later generation.

(*) – where a generation has suffered hardships pass out genesand lack of food, the genes passing to the next two generations are unchanged, but there are statistically significant numbers of third generation members having changed genes. The studies indicate that these may be valid reasons for high levels of obesity and other health issues in the young.

pedro_nuno_caetano_mod-sm_thumbWISDOM – For the sake of the wholeness of life, man has to be merciful and forgive his failures and learn from the mistakes made.

WISDOM – You don´t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and failing over. ~Richard Branson


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