Make A Diamond!

Wisdom SunSet in Oulu Finland
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My elementary school teacher Mr. Niilo Jussila asked us to learn the multiplication tables so well that they flow like a river. To secure the matter Niilo emphasised that the multiplication tables must be known inside out so well that if he comes and wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks how much is five times five, the answer twenty five must come from muscle memory.

We believed Niilo and learned the multiplication tables so well from outside, that I have never forgotten them. I have succeeded to make a burn mark into my brain, which is not washed away even with red wine in later years of my life. Red wines have been my hobby since 1986, marathon running since 2008 (I completed 1st full marathon – the mission – 12.08.2012 after +2,500km and 3,5 year training).


Make A Diamond Spreaker Audio

Then how do you develop and make art from your selling? I want to remark that you cannot proceed in sales to higher levels, before you manage at least the six most essential closing methods and all the doctrines written by me like cast iron.

Practising makes a master, right? It has been proved several times in the world. Finnish runner, Paavo Nurmi ― the Flying Finn ― practised and ran all over the Globe. Juha Mieto, the Winter Olympic medals winner, skied (*) beard straight. Bruce Lee is a martial art living legend, and example of how it is done to raise to the highest level. To the top, which only few achieve. I believe in you. Rise and raise your level ― make a living legend from yourself. Start being the best in the world. Right now!

Paavo Nurmi 1924PAAVO NURMI – the Flying Finn, is a Finnish running legend ― 9 times Olympic winner from 1920–1928.

(*) Beard straight is a Finnish comic saying, when some one is trying very hard to ski or run, he could be spotted with his beard pointing straight.


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