“Mark, I´m not quite sure about this, but as far as I can see,  you would have been ready to sign the mortgage with those  conditions immediately today, wouldn´t you?” 

Now customer Mark experiences relief and answers YES, to make the ship come to the harbour in one piece.

THE HOOK IRON – is conducted from an English sentence:

If I could, You would, wouldn´t you?  

After that the seller immediately starts to deal with the paperwork for the loan with the conditions agreed with the customer. This way the seller has created a situation, in which he gets to save the face of the customer.

TAKEAWAY CLOSING –method is used quite commonly for example in car showroom. I want to note strongly, that it is a question about a dangerous dagger, which is worth using carefully. If you are not at a level of high expertise, or you cannot use the method right, you produce only pure destruction with TAKEAWAY. You are able to spoil the goodwill–value of your company in seconds. An angry customer, who has been hurt drums his chest strongly and for a long time.

Markku Tauriainen FinlandREMEMBER – an old phrase of the jungle: “A good clock is heard far, a bad clock even further.”

TO  AVOID – making more mistakes in sales, and to become a master in selling, please read final parts of this book starting from´THE WISDOM´


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