The Fear Of Losing

cráneoUnfortunately, THE FEAR OF LOSING in other words the fear of losing a deal creeps into the mind of even the most experienced seller. Hatred, love and fear are the strongest feelings of human. That´s why you can begin to feel the fear of losing a deal in your subconscious. It is difficult to understand and to deal with, but it is true.

So now we must deal with FEAR OF LOSING –concept after these four ace–closing methods. This way the fear is removed from the equation at least for a moment.

As a seller you have to listen to and deal with customers objections from one day to another. Your subconscious enters grinding mode, which tries to explain to you that you cannot sell to everyone, that deals simply cannot be made always, or what?

The seller´s sword is his mouth and ears. Ears are more of a sword and a mouth is just a dagger. You have no strength to be energetic, only deal making, gushing volcano in other words a closer from day and year after another. Why not?

I tell you. Because you yet haven´t reached a level, in which your inner discipline and suggestion is able to control your doing. Neither you are able to make permanent bonds with your subconscious. Your mind becomes tired and your thoughts keep running for a vacation. Quite inevitably.

Everything possible‐rubbish attached to thoughts with feelings creeps in to your thoughts and in to your tired soul, as I told you in previous part. You have to deal with your customers objections as realised FLASH BACK –truth. You begin to buy dirty pants from your customer. So, who is now selling? You or the customer?

After this you fret and swear, that you will act differently with your next customer. But in reality, you are already on the weak-thin-ice and in your stomach ― in your soul ― lives the strongest of feelings: THE FEAR OF LOSING in other words the fear of losing a deal.

And once fear is in your stomach, in your soul or in your shirt, your customer senses it. A potential buyer experiences that you are not too excited nor genuinely interested about him. You are not able to sell to him, then the deal is left undone.

Is it possible to heal from this disease, can virus be avoided? Yes it Can ― when disease is observed, then it could be treated ― I will tell You a story about it : )

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!3RD PARTY STORY I have had a virus disease called FEAR OF LOSING often since 1970s when I began my seller´s career as a 10 years old small boy by selling Christmas cards from door to door. I was afraid to push the doorbell, because an angry person may appear to the door instead of a sweet home genius.

THE FEAR OF LOSING in other words the fear of losing a deal lived in my thoughts already then. I have healed from it several times, but unfortunately permanent vaccine to it does not exist and you have to wriggle out of it again and again. How is the seller´s sword sharpened then? The way has been known already thousands of years.

“As Iron Sharpens Iron ― So One Person Sharpens Another”

(Provebs 27:17)

So another seller sharpens another and his know-how. As well as iron sharpens iron. That´s what we are doing here right now, teaching you to move forward in your career. At the same time I put my home, my temple in condition in other words clean my brain crystal clear. The President teachers of Kekkonen and Ahtisaari would say that a man learns best by teaching another. The latter, Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland (1994-2000) has learned the lesson well ― He got the Nobel Peace Prize 2008. He has taught peace.We are forced to return to this FEAR OF LOSING –virus concept later on, because fear of losing a deal requires further studies on the way to the stars.

THE FEAR OF LOSING in other words fear of losing a deal is an emotional state of the subconscious commanding the sellers´ thoughts, which affects on everyday reality in selling as a visible and appearing uncertainty. The feeling state can in the worst case destroy a sellers courage momentarily, if he does not immediately get help, support and right kind of understanding. It can be disastrous if and when a seller has set hard financial goals and falls behind from them everyday. This kind of situation is heading to the rocks which is unavoidable in practice, because neither organisation nor a seller were ready for real trials. Too big and wrongly set objectives create hopelessness. If there is no hope, there is no life.

Markku Tauriainen FinlandHave no fear!

Markku Tauriainen


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