Markku RunningThe fastest deal of my life is from 1989 (by the way, this is 3RD). It clinched in four minutes.

The contract price was about 25,000 euros converted into a present money. I made the deal in holiday resort.

Two couples strutted in from the door of our sales deck (onsite-office). They said that had been on a week´s test holiday in Katinkulta. They asked my sales secretary, when they were returning keys that they want to have brochures which I have refused to give.

I introduced myself and politely asked the couples to sit down at the table for four minutes, so that I could quickly present all the advantages of the holiday-share system to them. I did PACT. The holiday village was already familiar to them, they had just been on a test holiday. At my request the more interested couple promised and wanted to listen for four minutes…

I set my stopwatch. Pressed on with a strong presentation, which I had drawn upside down on paper. I asked a couple of important questions, looked at my watch once and warned the time to be ending soon. I printed my order in form of a deed and asked the couple to sign the order.

I did not give more time, but had to remove one loose tax objection for the same price. Then I stretched out my hand and wished the couple welcome as new shareholders of Katinkulta. The fastest deal of my live had been created.

Even I was a little scared, that it came so easily. But I was prepared and I was ready to make a deal as soon as possible. I was also prepared for this outcome from training 150 sellers and reiterating to them daily that presentations are not needed if you are courageous and ask for a customer to buy. If trust is created, a deal bangs to the table, for sure. I wanted to show, that deals can be done without extra fuss by asking for a deal as soon as it´s possible.

The slowest deal of my life is from the same year 1989 without drinking and eating. I made also that one in Katinkulta. Seven hours had elapsed with two couples from Muhos (Miss Universum 1952, Armi Kuusela is from Muhos), when I began to demand from the men that:

“Who is about to buy here?”

The women of the couples took a step forward saying:

“We are buying!”

I had straightened and assumed. Extremely educational case.

Markku Tauriainen FinlandASK DEAL CLOSING – You have to be ready to use this method always when there is a customer in front of your face or on line. It is natural to make deals, but deals are not made without asking. You have to ask for a deal without a break! The sooner you ask the better. Please ask for a deal as soon as you can!


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