Inner diamondAsk for a Deal –method is making of sales and deciding deals immediately from the first breath when it is used right way. So no unnecessary chat nor small talk –discussion. On the contrary. Go directly to the matter by throwing seed into the ready ploughed field. Deal asking from the customer without a break.

Next I give you examples of the use of ASK DEAL CLOSING –method. In the first one, you are the best car dealer in the village. You shake hands with a customer and welcome him to your shop. You make a strong eye contact. You are present for your customer and, You are ready for a selling and presenting session. You are fresh, showered and have already been to the gym in the morning on the way to work. You have read The Times and you have had a healthy breakfast and polished your shoes. The tie is straight and aerials are up. You are in a good sales mood and self–assurance radiates from you. (I tell more about the external essence of a seller later on this book).

This way you are prepared to ask for a deal immediately when the first opportunity comes. Then ask the customer for the deal

A) You greet your customer immediately at the door, show the way to a new car and state:

”Larry, here is your new, Audi Quattro. Do you want to go for a test drive or do we sign papers immediately?”

Or alternatively:B) You greet your customer immediately at the door, show the way to a new car and state:

“Larry, here is your new, Audi Quattro. Do we immediately start to go through the equipment of your Audi and order, so that we get to make the order as soon as possible?”

Customer Larry most probably wants to go for a test drive but gets surprised immediately. Even though he might be interested in making a deal at once. A deal is worth asking for and has to be asked.

C) You greet your customer already at the door with an alternative arrangement of a question and inquire following incidentally:

“Good morning! New arrivals and season offers are found upstairs, but may I ask you for my curiosity, that have you come to look for 1) trousers or for 2) a shirt or 3) something comfortable and new to wear for yourself?

Most probably a customer is pleased to answer, what he has come to look for, to which you propose:

“This week we have a great offer on trousers. Would you take two or three pairs?”

The cardinal blunder would be to ask:

“Can I help you?”

Please do not act this way as a clothes seller ― or do you?

It has been examined and perceived in The United States already in 1950s that people answer reflexively to an open question “May I help you?” in a similar situation that “no, no thanks” or something similar with certainty of 69–90%. It is a question about natural care behaviour on foreign soil with an unfamiliar person. People are afraid to buy something wrong or unsuitable for them too easily, when they go shopping. It is also much more sensible for a customer to keep the control to himself, because he already knows, what he is looking or searching for.

In this kind of “BREAK THE ICE“ the situation is broken by asking a deal. A professional closer is also always ready to ask for a deal, because the easier the deal is done, the easier it is for both parties. And your task is to facilitate the customer to buy ― isn´t it?

A customer who steps in from the door has always a desire to buy something. Otherwise he does not come in to a shop. Believe it or not, but a deal may happen even in four minutes. Just like the fastest deal of my life did.

ASK ALWAYS A DEAL – from the very beginning! It might clinch in… four or five minutes!

Markku Tauriainen Finland

That I will tell you in the next chapter!

Markku Tauriainen, Finland


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