Present a product or a service to your customer. Tell him the advantages and benefits of the product or service. When you have achieved the pricing and given an especially good oral offer to your customer, YOU BEGIN TO FILL IN THE ORDER FORM.

Stay cool, start to fill out the order form. This is ORDER CLOSING –method in action. You can intensify it by asking your customer his name and address with an alternative question, like I do in my following example:

My example takes place in the situation, where hairdresser´s products are sold. In which the representative has arrived to hairdresser´s and passed to Order Closing –stage, in which the owner Maria gives buying signals by nodding eagerly in the situation. Step into representative´s boots. You are selling new series of shampoo and conditioner by Wella.


A) You praise Your customer´s shop and the co-operation done by you by repeating her previous purchases and sales:

“Maria, Our products have worked well in your shop and your customers have been satisfied with Wella products. I see it from these buying numbers of yours and I don´t doubt even for a moment that our new product series will sell as the earlier campaigns have.”

B) You begin to fill in the order form by asking easy things with a simple, assured way:

“Maria, was the name of your hairdresser´s shop written Salon Maria or Saloon Maria? With one O-letter?”

Wait as long as the customer participates in the discussion and says herself that salon is the right way to write. Acting this way the customer gets activated and as a matter of fact starts to close herself by talking. If you still feel like that momentum is still a bit cool, you make sure that…

“Maria, was the billing address of Salon Paula the same as it was earlier? Station Street 12, or?”

Again wait as long as the customer participates for sure in the discussion and confirms the fact. By acting this way, the customer activates more and begins to prepare herself for making an order.

The customer is about to order the basic set of 50 pieces, but C) you secure the order by offering a bigger amount:

“Maria, the recommended pack is 50 pieces of each unit, but do I remember that you ordered 50 or 80 pieces of each product in two deliveries, in which the amount of products delivered later is 40 percent in the size of the whole delivery?”

WAIT UNTIL the customer says the amount and delivery time. You have pushed her to the business and you were ready to hit additional sales, by testing the ice with a stick. However, in reality you make sure that the deal comes with at least in size of 50 pieces according to the expectations.


Order Closing –method is at its most efficient when it is used as a simple, easy working tool, which is as natural as if you would ask from a customer whether he wants his coffee black or with milk. So you´re not actually making sales, but you suppose that the customer orders and you begin to fill in the order form. However, make this a good way, as the examples mentioned above guide you to. In this method it is important to give easy, alternative choice situations ― “labels” ― from which the customers can choose from.

Order Closing –method is the most efficient and the easiest way to decide, in other words to close deals. A donkey sure method. Use it.

TO YOURS OR TO MY PLACE? ― Can closing deals be any easier? As a matter of fact it can! …answer is in the next chapter =)


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