Assume Closing smallAssume that a customer has already bought from you (that he is already the owner). Always present your product or service like your customer was already the owner of the product or service sold.

The ears of your customer become big like elephants´ when you act this way. Especially if you remember to use ASSUME CLOSING –method for more than five times during your selling presentation. Always use it correctly and possibly even strengthened with TAKEAWAY CLOSING –method (I tell about it later in own part).

The most effective way to use ASSUME CLOSING –method is to wait for the customer to ask something about the product or service he is interested in. A customer is rewarded with Assume Closing –method, when he experiences the pleasure and ecstasy in the advantage of owning.

How do you understand Assume Closing –method correctly? For example, try to think that you are bird hunting and looking for a catch from branches of trees. Suddenly you notice a fat black grouse high above your head. What do you do? Of course, you aim and pull the trigger!

Customers buying signal ― in other words a question about a product or service ― is the Catch and Assume Closing –method is your input. In next part I tell how it works.


A customer Larry gives a buying signal by asking:

“Is it possible to get Audi Quattro-hoops as extra equipment to this car?”

React this way:

A) Be genuinely excited about customer´s question. Always strengthen and praise all the thoughts of your customer during the selling conversation ― from beginning until the end. Give confession to them and suppose that he already owns the product sold by you. This way:

“Larry, that was a good question. As the owner of an Audi Quattro your car is serviced and equipped with, and only with original Audi Quattro parts, which have been designed to add to your driving pleasure, and to last as long as possible…”

Strengthen the value of the product sold by you by telling about the owner´s advantages with Assume Closing.
B) Praise your customer more and strengthen his interest for the product sold by you:

“Larry, this question of winter tyres was really good to bring up. I would not have remembered that as the new owner of an Audi Quattro you also have the right to free storage of summer tyres in the Audi Quattro owners’ warehouse. When the Audi Quattro tyres and hoops are listed on the new owner’s delivery schedule, it is absolutely a good decision in your opinion, isn´t it?”

In the end you praise your customer´s choice and take control of the sales discusion with Assume Closing ― just like you were assuming that the customer has already made the decision to order and only details of the order are now gone through.

ASSUME CLOSING – is an especially efficient selling tool, once you know how to use it!


Assume Closing stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain, in which all the feeling based matters live. One sales expert stated here once that a customer can catch chocolate, beer and sex from there. A new car and driving it belongs to the emotional experiences which leave a strong engram. They live in that important brain area, where deals are decided. All the decisions are made with a feeling.

A legendary Italian Ferrari seller blurted out this way about the matter in New York: “The price is only state of mind”.

MOST IMPORTANT – is to use ASSUME CLOSING –method whenever an interested customer asks something about a product or about a service to be sold. It is a strong tool ― use it always and everywhere!


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