Ace of hearthWhen a customer listens bored to your selling pitch, he concentrates on separating from you by presenting an objection. The stronger the objections is, the faster he wants to get rid of you. You most certainly have acted wrongly.

You have made mistakes, and cut corners in your selling. But don´t worry. The situation can always be easily saved with the help of TRIAL CLOSING –method.

Trial closing is the most common and easiest way to remove objections. It works like this:

”Your telemarketing is a full swindle!”


You take control back with the following way:
A) Admit immediately that you agree with the customer. The better you do it the more control you get back to yourself. Say it, for example, like this:

“Marty, I totally agree with you!It is just the way you said. Most of the telemarketing companies are just cheaters, especially some in Europe. Strange rumours are heard from there all the time.”

B) Lead the situation to a conversation and take an approval from your customer for example, with the following way:

“Marty, in Finland we have a law and here cheaters are accountable for their actions, isn´t it so?“

At this stage, take a break and wait for the customer to answer:

“That´s the way it is.”

Then continue:

“In Finland the accounting law functions, and the black economy forms just a small percent of all the business in our country in reality, isn´t it so?

Wait for the customer to answer:

“Yes, that´s the way it is!”

C) Close the customer to a new solution by nailing him with isn´t it so –sentence end:

“Okay, Marty, a great thing is that our company supports the voluntary helicopter rescue service and in particular makes every effort to collect donations for the service, isn´t it?”

“The most effective way is to telemarket people asking for donations.”

Now, do not wait any more for the customer to answer but accelerate to the end and take control permanently from the customer to yourself. This way:

“Marty, you surely also agree on the fact that in Finland money collecting is an operation subject to licence and that we operate according to law and decrees, isn´t it so?

Customer Marty is forced to answer again:

Yes ― That the way it is!

Reward your customer by saying:

“Finely said Marty, I now continue from this…”

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!

REWARD your customer always with good positive words. By doing so, you will open your customers ”treasure trove” – the emotions and mind. Do the right thing in selling!

Ace of hearth


Trial Closing is one of the best ways to remove objections. It is extremely effective and works always and to all objections -try it. The most important in the use of closing method is to:
1) Agree with the customer no matter what he says. 2) Take YES –confirmation from him to something he agrees with. With it, it is confirmed that the control is back to you. When control is back, you can: 3) Begin to close argument presented earlier by adding the “isn´t it-end” with which a customer is forced to say: “Yes, that´s the way it is.”

The objection is now removed and selling can continue. You have the control ― You are commanding.

Practise the use of TRIAL CLOSING –method. All actual masters and those who intend to become one manage the “HEART ACE” in other words the use of – a somerset – the changing of a mind from one opiniion to the opposite. They do it from the spine. It is a question of unconscious and instinctive professional know-how.

Markku´s pitch small

Picture: Trial Closing -method coaching 2009

A TIP – Once you manage “TRIAL” you can whenever claim black is white ― easily and fast, isn´t it so?



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