Make Selling An Art

pedro_nuno_caetano_mod-sm_thumbIn Finland, in the sales field they talk generally about closing deals. The expression arrived in our country in 1980s and it comes from the English language. Closing means deciding deals and/or acting in sales so that a presentation done to a customer ends up in a deal as often as possible.

A person specified in closing, who only decides deals is called with an abbreviation TO, which comes from words take over. Freely translated it is a question about a person taking possession over a situation.

Success in both these skill genres is measured with closing percentages, in other words, how many percent of the customers given to you end up in a deal. 10 sales presentations, 3 deals = 30 % closing. 189 phone calls, 2 orders = 0.01 % closing

A HINT Keep records also about those customers, who do not buy. All the attempts are crucial. The genuine and real, actual closing percentage is counted from the deals made with those customers, who walk in through the door. Customers are so called “qualified customers”.

The writing of the INSPIRE ME–book is based on the fact that I have been repeatedly asked for such a professional book of selling, in which you can find the instructions for removing, in other words suppressing the most common objections. INSPIRE ME –book just scratches the surface of closing–methods just like tiger nails. I will write all the most common objections and the closing–methods made for removing them into my following book CLOSE ME.

SO THAT YOU CAN – You have to read and to study this book first to be able to remove objections successfully. By making it, you tune yourself to the right wavelength.

In sales I especially respect the identification of objections and reacting to them in the right way.

The seller´s first skill in his work is to decide deals. The easiest way to remove objections is to act so that those are not created. If they still are, in spite of all, they are weaker.

The suppressing of objections requires a skill that can be learned by the seller. Do your work well. Making sales begins from the first objection.

Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenMy own journey of learning sales is already more than 30 years old and the path continues. My closing record 49.8% is from summer 1991 when I worked as a trainer for 10 sellers and as a TO. Deals were decided with the hard pace when the cancellation percentage was under six.

In Kalajoki my colleague Harry lost by a wisker to me the selling competition of holiday ownership shares, which lasted 100 days. The victory was ripped quite in the last metres and I would not have reached my best, if it wouldn´t have been a case of both reputation and honour. I considered myself the best in Finland. I had to fight for my victory up in the end. Read of it on page 265-266. Customers were not the easiest in 1992 and there were yet no signs of a boom. We started selling nearly always from the words:

“We will not buy now.”

I passed it by going directly to the matter:

“Very good, but how about that deposit? If you buy, can you pay it like this…”

This is an expensive system… stated also politician Pertti Sorsa in Katinkulta in 1990 ― and still bought a holiday ownership from me! RCI-Holiday Resort Katinkulta, Finland


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