Work Starts From The 1st Objection

INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself!When a man asks a woman to dance in a restaurant, she often refuses. But does the man give up and go home? or does he try again? Do you? If a toilet seat is occupied, do you accept the situation and turn away? You leave your needs undone? Or do it in to your pants? Or do you wait until toilet is vacated and the route is clear?

How do you react as a seller to your customer´s first objection? At least do not buy explanations!

The selling starts from the first objection. When a customer presents an objection he, in fact, wants further information about the product or service by presenting skeptical thoughts or questions. He is waking for selling. You must recognize this signal and moment.

You must be awake too. As a seller, this moment is the awaited signal and a sign of the fact that now selling (harvesting) starts and everything is just beginning. The more you learn to recognize this moment and the more often you achieve a deal from it, the more pleasure objections bring. You get trained to listen to them ― to separate the essential matters and contexts. You get to use your mental capital, your skills, which produce results for you.

The actual selling is closing the deals. Realise this fact. When you realise conformity to this law and the facts, you start to built the general view of the puzzle. You built the puzzle, which parts have a direct connection to final result, in other words to deals. You begin to realise things more deeply and you begin to built the actual view. You anticipate the coming.

Anticipation is practically the same thing to a seller as the image ski jumping is to Janne Ahonen. The more often the performance has been gone through as a thought the more successful it is. Janne Ahonen has proven this as the best Finnish skijumper in the early 2000 ´s (one of the world´s best in ski jumping).

Analyse, analyse, analyse. Identify objections. Negotiations, customer meetings and telephone conversations are worth dividing up to small pieces. Analysing the pieces is worth practising, and doing it often. Which part worked, which didn´t. Where did you succeed, where you have room for improvement? Think and analyse.

I have had a habit to record the negotiations gone through by me to a dictating machine or to write notes about them on paper during selling.

DOCTORS – make notes about their patients. It is totally normal. Whenever you review your notes, you develop as a seller. It is quite clear, that if you do not make notes you cannot develop as a seller. So get excited about improving your abilities and your selling skills. Now!


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