Sales, Sales, Sales

Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenAs sellers, we have an incredible ability to do anything else but sales. We dabble and shuffle paper. There are preparations, new devices, meetings, planning, breaks, what so ever. “The company and its products must first be made more salesable.” “Now is not the right time.” Holidays and recession are pressing on. The product is so bad. There is always something more important to do than sales… …


  The seller´s task is to make sales. Action is the highest form of talking. In sales we must create situations and be excited by the possibilities. Selling is the number one primary activity. It is the only income producing activity.

  Without sales the company doesn´t exist. So sales, sales, sales. Focus on making sales. Make nothing else than sales. Always a deal, when it is possible, during day, night, morning, evening… Keep your thoughts tightly in sales. There are many examples, success stories, in which tight concentration and focus on the important matters bring results. Concentrate on making deals!

  Lance Armstrong beat a cancer in 1997 and after that he won seven Tour de France –competitions. *)He was a ultimate willpower example for me while I was writing this book. Raise your own will state, your drive and immediately watch a video on YouTube. Lance Armstrong – Cycling Legend (or other Rambo-Bruce Lee-Spirit-video) Write the name above to YouTube or click web address

*) Lance Armstrong have spoken openly in January 2013 at Oprah Show, that he have been using all kind of doping during these seven Tour de France –competitions. All of his achievements have been canceled and for sure the law issues will rise on the court. Please do not get into this garbage – rise above the pack! 


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