Monitoring Sales

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1In 2008 the expected lifetime of a Finnish man was 74 years and of a woman was 83 years. So it is approximately 78.5 years, from which we could spend maybe 40–50 years in working life. So we can have five ten year calendars in which to make deals.

Think: You have been given more than 10,000 days to make deals. If the value of your deals is 2,000€ in a day, it makes ten millions already in 14–15 years.

Also sprints may appear. Who knows, you might even make 50 million euros during your lifetime? 15 years is quite a long time. It is altogether over 3,000 selling days! And this means approximately 20,000 hours of time to make deals.

It is vital to make notes. No one remembers 3,000 customers or even better 25,000 calls made.

Moreover, it is much more enjoyable and more relaxed to make deals, when your head is not full of things to be remembered. Notes simplify facilitate your life.

Human life is a limited time. You have to give your all to feel that you have lived: to try, to succeed, to fail and to learn from mistakes.

SELLER´S OCCUPATION You succeed in the sales profession even if you fail nine times out of ten. But how can you go back to these stunning moments, which give you feelings of happiness, when sales are made like thunder? How can you do it all over again with new products? Where do you gain information, if you don´t have notes to take from? I know where, from this book.


Here you have a calendar at the end ― for next 13 years!


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