Grow Your Attitude

Markku 13.12.2012Samurais are assumed to fight until death for their master. It is respectable to die fighting and not to give in. According to the ´samurais´ doctrines a human life is short and limited but honour eternal. It is an honour to die in a fight, but capitulation is a huge shame. If there is no other possibility it is better to make the orthodox ´hara-kiri´ to enable the soul to make the transition to the other side.

Samurai  Samurai dogma is that the human soul is in the stomach. This easily leads us to a thought that the stronger your stomach is internally and externally the stronger your soul and mind are. One of the five main hormones, Leptin, lives in your stomach.


  The old phrase “a healthy soul in a healthy body” is most probably true, isn´t it?

  Good physical health gives you more ability to concentrate, focus and have the best attitude. Build a temple from your body and soul. Physically twist your middle section and intestines to the ultimate condition! Grow up to be the samurai of your mind and thoughts. Prepare yourself for long steps towards success. Now they are available. Take strides which make you grow ― rise to the heights!

  Develop your attitude and do something today in favour of your body and mind. Walking in fresh air exercises not only your body, but as a matter of fact it grows your real attitude. In the end you can reward yourself with fresh water and a healthy meal. Grow Your attitude!


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